Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nightmares in the Family

Yesterday was Lammas. It is a witches' festival for the harvest. Just about every society on earth has some sort of celebration for the Harvest. In my area, we have County Fairs that travel up the coast, first San Diego, then Orange County, and last, in L.A.

Every society on earth has some sort of celebration for the Harvest. And not all societies are transparent. Not all societies are not hidden. And not all societies are from the Light.

That being said, mom was telling me last night about all the nightmares she and someone else in the family have been having lately. Horrible, vivid, violent nightmares. Both of them never have nightmares. But now they do.

I know why. I didn't tell her. But mom and this other person are the more worldly in the family. Both of them refuse Reiki treatments. Both of them do not want to learn. Both of them want to understand with their Mind how Reiki Works. (Mom can see pictures in her head of airplane crashes days ahead. But she does not apply her psychic abilities other than to call us kids home for dinner when we were playing in the street as children.)

That is fine. That is their free choice.

But what they didn't know is that the rest of the world is just going to vibrate right up around them, leaving them behind in the dust.

I tried. Lord knows I've tried to increase the vibration for everyone in the family. Serving Organic food, eating less meat, teaching and giving Reiki till I am exhausted at family events. Nobody else is having those nightmares. (Except maybe my ex, who had nightmares about something out of a movie that was violent conflict, and him saving the day, for fifteen years.)

The choice is yours. Do you want to remain where you are on Earth as we know it? Shall you ride Gaia out with the changes? Or will you rise up to a different level? It is not your mind that can choose; it is a matter of vibrational compatibility, of vibration that is emitted from the heart.

The heart is a powerful emitter of electromagnetic radiation. Not just the electrocardiogram. The Heart can affect other Hearts that are near it. Kind of like auras. (If you want to learn more, check out Heartmath websites).

Mom kept talking about the news. 'I watched the Olympics. They were nice except for the Opening Ceremony. That was bad.'
'Yes mom, it was bad. Very bad. In fact it was a ceremony to Darkness. They were calling the Dark Spirits in. Did you see the all-seeing eyes at the top of the stadium?'

Mom went on, this time about a news tragedy. 'Mom, that wasn't an accident. It was Them.'

And she went on about the Colorado Massacre in Aurora, and I said, 'Mom, he was a mind-controlled Monarch Slave.'
Mom said, 'Yes, I hear they have them. They are trained assassins who don't remember anything they do, like the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. Nobody remembers that movie these days but it was good.'
'Yes mom, those Monarch Slaves are mind controlled. They are called Deltas. Did you know who else was a Monarch Slave? Marilyn Monroe. She was a presidential Kitten. And Madonna.'
'Oh yes, you know, during that whole superbowl performance, she was like a robot. It was like she wasn't there.'
'And she kept asking after, how did I do? How was it? How did you like it? Didn't that seem weird like she as a performer had no idea how her performance went with the audience?'

At this point, Mom got uncomfortable. I backed off. She did not make the choice to read Cobra's Red Pill. I did. And I know, just like you can, all the crap that will change your life and never make you trust the news media, the entertainment industry, the healthcare industry, the fashion industry, the agriculture industry, the oil industry, global politics, or Big Business again.


Reiki Doc