Sunday, August 19, 2012

Walk in the Light

"We are coming" said the cloud this morning.
"Would you at least wait until I got back through the traffic on the way home?" I asked, concerned about the travel back from camping.

I feel great.

Everything was jangle-y inside when I left on my vacation one week ago. I wrote about Palm Springs. What I did not write was that I had my first experience with bed bugs while I was there. Those intense itching bites on my ankles and feet had something to do with the funny brown bug crawling on the chair, a bug that I had never seen before. Now, all luggage is in plastic bags. All clothing has been passed through the SANITIZE setting on the washer. (big gratitude for the internet on that!)

Palm Springs was a great experience to show me how ready I am to put the third dimension behind me.

And now, after a couple days camping in the hills outside of San Diego, I am good to go.

Here are some random thoughts:

* the noise: campers are not following the rules these days. They are very self-centered. The first night had loud campers past midnight, and a generator going all night. I was sleepy the next day.  (we complained the second night, rangers told the offenders to obey curfew, and we slept fine) The Third Dimension is getting even more like that, and it is uncomfortable to those of the Higher Dimensions.

*the disconnect: I had trouble connecting to Nature. That deep connection that I always get was missing. Something in Nature had changed. The Third Dimensional Grids are Changing, deep in Gaia. It is palpable to the sensitives among us.

*the psychic connection: I was told by Gaia on this camping trip that I would be going into her bosom of the Earth. I didn't give it much consideration. But today, on the Eagle Mine Tour, I truly was inside her, deep in an abandoned gold mine. She was right. Gaia is loud and clear, although different.

*divine coincidence: If I had not agreed to take the carriage ride the kids asked, I would never have seen the water tower/psychic shop with Reiki healing advertised outside. I never would have met Linda Schwartz, a Usui Reiki Master from New York. (I will blog more on her later). Spirit never takes a vacation, and in fact, is always making itself present on YOUR vacation!

*trust: I have one-hundred percent trust in the Ascension Process, Disclosure, and the workings of Heaven.  These few days 'off the grid' empowered me. By taking away my internet, my house, and plopping me in the dirt of a campground, I came alive again. You know, the trees enjoy having us at their midst. I asked, 'don't you think all of us are crazy coming here with all our stuff like this?' and they said, 'not at all, some trees are all by themselves over there. We enjoy the presence of the campers as they come and go.' Ascension is something the Three D mind has trouble to comprehend.

*Divine Purpose: Mine right now, and I suspect many others', is simply To Let Go. Whatever physical changes happen with Ascension, let it. Whatever sociological changes, let it. Whatever upheaval is required to rebalance Gaia, let it. However Disclosure comes about, it's All Good! Although we have a lot invested, many many lifetimes, the End is clear and therefore we should relax and enjoy what is happening. All of it is out of our control, with the exception of our expectation, our ability to create, and our ability to react and respond to what is co-created together. I wash my hands of it, give it a kiss, and send it up in a big pink bubble to the Light for the best of the best of the best possible outcomes. Our calling is to Witness the coming Earth Changes, to stay calm in them, and to shine our Light for others in our midst.


Reiki Doc