Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Payman versus Edmund

When I was twenty, one summer I did what all good Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Students did: got myself a position doing research. During that summer, there was another undergraduate in the lab. The hours were long. We would talk. Payman would make me laugh with stories about how messy his apartment was...what a terrible cook her was...and other funny things.

I found myself enjoying the time I spent with him, and looked forward to it, as we each had our project only a lab bench across the room away.

I was in a relationship with someone I loved deeply. So I enjoyed the friendship and chemistry with Payman, never thinking anything more of it. Payman wanted to become a doctor. He had done research in the biology department on pituitary science. There was something he had to do for that research that troubled me: he had to chop off turtle's heads so they could examine their pituitary gland. He killed live turtles and thought nothing about it; it was only a means to an end, admission to medical school.

We kept in touch over the years. When he interviewed at the local medical school, my husband and I let him stay at our place. Handsome, well-dressed, I was drawn to Payman, the spark alive all these years. But I stayed in my relationship because I made a promise.

For other reasons, the marriage dissolved. And soon I found myself applying to medical school. While traveling to interview, I stayed at his Payman's parents' apartment. His mother was beautiful, and I learned I liked Persian food. The pickles and the burnt rice from the bottom of the pan I liked best. But at the dinner, Payman talked about eating brains back in Iran. And that nagging worry about my friend's heart turned up again.

I got in to the same medical school he was a resident at. He invited me one day to see a movie at his house. I went. It was friendly, nothing really romantic. Just friends. But when I returned the favor, I made a homemade lasagna dinner, with wine, and planned for us to go swimming in my complex's pool. I had dread as he mentioned his 'hot date' with me, as he arrived. He spoke of 'the wine' and started to kiss me in the pool. He took advantage of me, and I never made lasagna for ten years after that. (note - I just made some for my mother at her request last week, above)

I felt troubled, and I went to confession. The priest simply asked, 'Do you like him?'. I thought about it, and I said, 'No.'. 'Don't do that again, then' the priest said. I got closure and moved on.

Do you know anyone like Payman? Do you have memories that haunt you if you let them? If you do, I have good news:
1) Payman and his kind are very 3D. The connection is physical. Their motivation is selfish.
They are on their way out.
2) Monika Korra is a wonderful example of a woman who overcame this kind of experience. Look up her YouTube video, it will make you cry it is so inspiring.
3) Our Ascension is going to erase some of those bad memories. It will be like they never happened. Only the learning on the soul level will remain with you.

Now I wish to speak to you about Edmund. He is my gay hairdresser I have known for years. Ed singlehandedly convinced me that the Catholic rap on homosexuals was a lie. How? By being consistently kind, and above all, a friend when I needed it most. I was alone in my first pregnancy. Ed came every week to take out the trash, since I once shared how it was too hard for me, and too strenuous. He and his partner came and helped take the glow-in-the-dark stars off the ceiling from the old owner's kids rooms, so I could make my own baby room. He listened with his heart, and encouraged me when I was sad.

He is Jewish, and came to the hospital to pray a special blessing over the child with his  little Hebrew book. And when the post-partum blues hit, and they hit hard, all I wanted was Ed and his partner to come to the house right away. They dropped everything and they did. As soon as I saw them, I got better and the sadness never returned.

Today, when I was post-call, for the first time since January I had Ed tend to my hair. I used to go every three weeks, but work has been busy, and I could not make the appointments. I fell asleep in the chair. 'Wake me up when I drool!' I said. 'Oh, it wouldn't surprise me! It's happened!' he laughed back. At the end, I looked beautiful. I turned to him and asked, 'Did you know that you are working in the aura while you work on people?' 'Oh yes! Definitely! I can tell when people are up to no good, sort of evil right away!' he replied. 'Do you know how to wash your hands and clear yourself of the negativity?' I asked to double-check. He did. And I mentioned how simple salt pellets like the kind that are used in a water softener can be placed in the environment to collect negative energy. When they are 'full', and you'll feel it, simply flush them away and bring out new ones. It only takes a few to do the work. I use them in the call room and they help tremendously to clear the energy and make it calm when I am at work.

Do you know someone like Ed? Do you have someone who lets you practice Reiki on them, and shares with you your joy at each discovery? If so, then you can be confident that:
1) Ed and his kind are very 5D. Harmonious, equal friendships that are mutually beneficial are the norm. People like Ed are welcome to work in my aura at any time!
2) A beautiful 5D person on YouTube is Evita Ochel, with Evolving Look her up online. She is a former schoolteacher who 'woke up' and is living an environmentally conscious life, educating us all.
3) Give thanks for people like Ed in your world. And the more you give thanks, the more your gratitude energy is helps to facilitate a smoother transition into Ascension for us all.


Reiki Doc