Monday, August 13, 2012

Reiki and the Time Share Vacation

We are at my parent's time share in the Palm Desert. I am writing this on an iPad. It will run everything together, I apologize.

The Time Share Concept is the most 3 D experience on earth:
1) people trying to make money lure people trying to get something for nothing with The Presentation, the Free Stay, and the Fifty Dollar Gift Card.
2) every psychological trick known to make the buyer buy is used by the seller.
3) for a ten thousand dollar purchase, assuming four hundred dollars a night hotel, it would take twenty five night to pay for itself.
4) this does not include property taxes and fees, this calculation on break even point.
5) the system pits the most aggressive 'get something for nothing' humans against each other to book time to stay.
6) the level of service was better at checking in to my last campsite. This had a line for parking, a line for door keys, and the room given was still occupied. We had to go back and do it again.
Our check in took us two hours!
7) I stay at three to five star hotels, and the level of service here was shocking. A front desk manager asked me how my day was. I said horrible. 'You mean it's not good enough for you?' no. They tricked my mom into a room she didn't want, etc, etc.  I was sad that any business, and any client would allow themselves to be treated this way.
( as an aside, my parents think this place is great. They also belong to a big HMO, that starts with the letter K. They think that is great too. Same total difference in level of service versus the outside, tolerated because if the good price.')

Anyhow, I had to fight for a cart, make three trips to unload the car. And I get to cook three meals a day for everyone on my 'vacation'. What turned my stomach about this is these companies, at management levels up, fleece people when providing a basic need, to recreation-ize, to have fun, to enjoy time with family. They want the money, not to make it fun and great and improve people's lives.

So where was the hidden gem of 5 D in all this 3 D Time Share? On Animal Planet channel on T V, with the show Call of the Wildman. Yes, the TurtleMan. The most back woods man from Kentucky, who saves animals in the unwanted human areas by live catch with his bare hands. I saw him take raccoons out of a dirt track press box, snapping turtles out of ponds, and snakes out of a backstage dressing room. His fee was not set. And he is a folk hero. He works for cookies, money, and homemade necklaces. 

The future will be an economy built on the exchange of services based on reciprocity, love, joy, and mutual respect. Money will be obsolete .


Reiki Doc