Monday, August 6, 2012

Scleroderma and Multiple Sclerosis

Today I had the honor and the privilege of working with two very advanced diseases in two totally different patients. I learned so much as a Reiki Master scanning and working with the energetic patterns of them.


My first patient had Progressive Systemic Sclerosis in the chart. I asked, 'Do you have scleroderma?'
Yes. 'What are the manifestations?' Renal, cardiac (now better), esophageal reflux but not so bad. The patient shared they had a doctor in Riverside, who put them on a low-dose antibiotic doxycycline or clindamycin that kept the disease under control.

What was fascinating about this patient in Pre Op holding is that they looked terrible. Tons of wrinkles from the cigarettes and the sunshine. And yet at the same time, concerned about their appearance, and not wanting to take out their teeth for surgery.

I smiled inwardly, for I understand and appreciate the importance of such a request. At that time, I always honor them. You want to pee? Fine, I will wait. Poop? Okay, we will delay for you. Better out than in. How about if I take your teeth out AFTER you are asleep? Is that okay? Yes? You like that? No worries. I will take care of you. Clinicians, remember, this is the hook upon which you built trust with your patient. Give them the pickle, Bob Farrell of Farrell's ice cream would say to his workers. Give them the pickle is a metaphor for give them what they want to make them happy. 

When I got into the aura, it was very faint. It felt like an old worn out foam cushion. I didn't know where to start. I did CKR, I scanned, I grounded but it never felt like anything hit energy wise. I was struggling. I tried to see the chakras, and I couldn't. I was puzzled. As I worked I had a lot of flashes of images, impressions from the patient's past. They were not good. I was detecting darkness--abuse, neglect, humiliation, abandonment, and suffering as a child. Very awful, unexplainable to a child's mind, suffering. 

I called in Archangel Michael. When something gets this far out of balance, I call in a pro. Just like a plumber when you get a plumbing leak. I asked Him to clear out any old dark energy, like a giant vacuum cleaner. And to push white toothpaste of Light back into the patient. 

I was actually told to stop giving Reiki, They would continue, and They would turn it off for me. Are you sure you will remember to cut the energetic cords from me to the patient? I thought. Whoosh! went a large, shiny Archangel Michael sword. 

Being able to get your hands into that kind of energy is a valuable lesson as a healer. Just as much as working with that systemically severe a disease is to a regular anesthesiologist. It's tricky. It's textbook. And it's something you never forget.

Multiple Sclerosis

This one I dreaded to do. There was a variety of illnesses on top of the Multiple Sclerosis. There was COPD, CHF, HTN, drug allergies, GERD, morbid obesity, and poor condition teeth that could break. Migraine headaches, depression, anxiety (on major drugs for those). And a big black eye, on the right eye. It took everything I had just to stay calm, look at them, and get the information I needed to take care of the patient safely in the O.R.

I had the blanket ramp in place for intubation. I needed a bougie to get in. A bougie is a long blue wand with a tip that bends, and this goes into the trachea when the tube doesn't fit. Then the tube is slid in on it, and the blue bougie withdrawn. Those are all the tricks I use to get a patient intubated when it's tough.

The energy was very responsive in the head. I felt that reiki get sucked in there! I did all the appropriate symbols, in addition, the Tibetan Fire Snake worked well too. Multiple Sclerosis in this patient, felt like a dry sponge soaking water up. There was a lot of healing.

When the patient awoke, they actually moved themselves over to the gurney without our having to lift them. And before going out the door, asked, 'Was it hard to fix my broken bone?'
I said, 'I don't know, ask the Tech.'
And the Tech, being the gentleman he is, said, 'No problem. It was very straightforward. Get better now.'
And the patient said, 'Thank you' to the tech and to the team.

I was humbled at the sweetness and healing that was not present in pre-op holding, in this patient who had been through so much. 

When possible, build up a dossier of energy patterns. I know a lot of Reiki is done for cancer patients. But there is only so many ways for cancer to go. All the other stuff in the O.R. is like a field day for energy medicine. 

The surf is great there! So come on down and bring your board--let's ride the waves!


Reiki Doc