Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to Expect After Anesthesia: Your Auric Field

I can't wait to go to the beach! We have taken up body-boarding. I think I could ride the surf every day. I read the surf reports and fantasize about taking a class on a longboard so I can learn to stand up and officially surf.

Up to just a few months ago, I never thought about the beach. I grew up there. Of course when I was there I enjoyed it. But it takes a certain amount of work to pack everything up and go. It also is something that with my extremely limited free time, I never thought to do.

Why the change? I thought I was just getting excited about a new sport?

Then it occurred to me: the anesthesiologist friend who did my case surfs every day, sometimes even putting on a wetsuit and surfing before work. Work starts at seven a.m. Get the picture?

One of the things we just don't talk about in Cardiac Anesthesia, is the subtle personality change that is observed by family members in the personality of their loved one after Cardiac Surgery. It is enough of a change for loved ones to notice, but too small to show up on any psychological test.  Believe me, there have been tests! Many articles have dealt with this topic in the literature. Off pump Coronary Artery Bypass, is touted to reduce the shower of microemboli that go to the brain while being on pump for cardiopulmonary bypass. (Extracorporeal circulation).

Doesn't it make sense? Doesn't it resemble something else in the literature that we see the results and change but cannot prove scientifically? It has to be energetic. It has to involve the aura.

Take my case for example: I go under anesthesia for four hours of surgery. The general anesthesia weakens my aura. I am surrounded by a surgeon, a nurse first assist, a scrub tech, a circulating nurse, and an anesthesiologist. That is FIVE people with five very different vibrations!

We already know that in the act of sex, the auras mingle, and there is some exchange of energetic patterns, or 'partial soul swap'. I like to think of it as 'energetic residue'. (Be picky when you select a potential partner, right? Some of them is going to stay with you, even from a one-night stand!)

When I awoke from surgery, and first came home, I noticed a change in myself, an irritability and dissatisfaction with everything that is unlike me. And then it hit me, the surgeon who is midlife and having issues at home transferred his mental/auric pattern of this to me! Once I understood it, I broke it (I used the Law of Free Will).

But it took WEEKS for me to discover that the Surf''s Up! energetic pattern came to me through my friend, the anesthesiologist. This pattern is stronger, more subtle (I thought it was me), and makes sense because the vibration was closest to my head. I wonder what else I have picked up?

Remember--general anesthesia, chemicals like alcohol and drugs, tobacco, loud music, loud noises, F-E-A-R,  weaken the aura. At those times the aura may pick up a vibration from a stronger Vibration that is near.

Your auric field is your Spiritual Protection. A healthy one is strong and won't let anything in. Your vibration is not compromised in any way. It is what activated when the hairs stand up on your neck, or when you get a bad feeling about something that is going to happen, or you like somebody you just met and feel like you have already known them. There is an exchange of information in the blink of an eye when two auras meet.  Think of it like dogs and their world of communication that is available to them through olfaction (smelling) that is completely unavailable to us.

Well, what about you, you may wish to ask? Doesn't the exhange go two ways, like in sex, when the auras are connected? Did your OB-Gyn or Anesthesia doc want to go learn Reiki? Don't you pick up what your patients have? Those auras and their energetic interaction are a two way street!

Yes and no. I have a golden shield of protection. I bought it with real money from a friend who does auric clearing and protection,  Margaret Mc Cormick. It cost one-hundred fifty dollars to get all my negative entities, dark entities, and implants removed, my aura repaired, and the golden shield installed. It was done from a distance, but I felt it, all the work that was done on me. The golden shield blocks the transferrence/attachments to the aura unless the person with the shield's belief system, choices and habits invite new attachments into the auric field.

So 'I am safe' from all of my patients.

What Reiki Doc is all about, this new method of applying energetic medicine for benefit during conventional medical care, is to take the weakened aura, strengthen it, allow healing on a very deep vibrational level, and protect it from 'picking up' additional negativity. The average person has about five negative attachments. If you have dark entities, they like to cause suffering, and they attach in pairs, a major and a minor in the auric field. Margaret's work is entirely in this realm. Mine is more the application of it under conditions where it is optimized the most. I mix the Spiritual/Energetic with the Physical.

Anyone can do it. Anyone with a heart that is centered on Love, Harmony, Nurturing, Warmth and Compassion. Anyone with at least Reiki I attunement and can make Reiki flow. You just step in when that auric field is opened, turn on Reiki, and blast 'the good stuff' into that gaping auric hole.

You learn Reiki faster and better when you work on people with a diagnosis you can see. The energy imbalance patterns are fascinating.


Reiki Doc