Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Single mom at work, Sick kid, and Reiki

Yesterday we had plans to join friends and go to the beach. Right after confirming our address for our friends to drive over, my son sneezed. Purulent yellow thick snot came out both nostrils and I had to run to get a tissue. There had been no sign of any illness when I dropped him off at school on Friday, before his weekend with Dad.

You need to see a doctor. You have a sinus infection.

But he didn't want to go. I didn't want to go. I rationalized this: salt water will start healing, nasal rinse when we get home, and now Zyrtec!

The beach was much fun. But at bedtime, again, he was feeling pretty sick. Could not even breathe through the nose. I started calling who would take care of him. I have about eight people I can call, but the more the last minute, the less likely to have them be available. Both parents had to work (dad gets off at three);  one grandma spending the night at the casino;  the other grandma sick.  Both Aunts are busy. You get the idea.

Even though he felt crappy, he was not having a fever or throwing up. I brought him to school. We were both not sure how long he could take it. The guilt I felt at leaving him was overwhelming.

Nothing makes me madder than being in a healing profession and not having time to take care of your sick kid. I see red. I go off on my rant about how no mammal anywhere separates from their young until they are ready to go out into the world alone! Human society is horrible!

At work, while juggling a propofol pump that kept beeping every ten minutes, a needy surgeon (raise the table! Lower the table! Tilt the table!) I was texting and coordinating. I found a sitter who would pick him up at noon and take him to his doctor and watch him. I let his dad know all was well. I cancelled baseball and swimming.

Then it struck me: where is Reiki in all of this?!

So, in the O.R., while the patient was stable, doing my 'speed version' , I drew the Distance Symbol with my eyes. I opened my son's aura. I picked up congestion, and throat chakra blockage. His father has been telling him 'you eat like a pig' and even kicked him under the table for his lack of manners at a restaurant. My boy does not want to spill, and bends close to the plate.  This reiki session helped me piece the clues 'Thank God!' he exclaimed, when I said my sister the therapist would be someone to talk to about that and get help to feel better.

And then I turned the Reiki on myself. I realized he knows I love him. And one day he will understand how I was coordinating care while a case was in progress. I am doing a good job.

My last case went to PACU at nine-thirty. By the time I got dressed, turned in my narcotic box, and drove to the sitters, it was almost ten. Will I have to wake him up? Am I doing the right thing?

I heard laughter. He and the others were watching the movie Step Brothers and cracking up!

We went to Mc Donald's drive through on the way home, and shared large fries and each had a chocolate sundae. It was a Summer Night that I did not expect!

Reiki helped me to get out of the way of myself on learnng this lesson.
I think the Universe did a good job teaching me on that.

Love and Light,

Reiki Doc

Angry, hurt trapped, guilty. Reiki showed me a way through, truth.