Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Happens When I Wake Up

This morning, as I was sleeping, I became conscious of the presence of somebody. You know that feeling when somebody is near, the one that is like someone is watching you?

I felt somebody, a small person, who was there to wake me up and was about to reach for my hand to hold it. I thought it was my son, and I wondered how quiet he could be getting out of bed and walking to my room.

It wasn't him.

The time of day where I get Spirit Messages the most is right before I wake up. I get words of inspiration, commands, and some very wise insights.

For some reason, this entity wants me to write about it.  So I am.

What is it like to have constant messages from angels and guides? What is it like to be a medium and see and hear people who have passed? What is it like to have Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance?

Well, the way I see it, between us on this side, and on The Other Side, I imagine there to be a great big fence that separates both of them. Some of us are on this side of the fence and have no concept of The Other Side, except for what they have been taught, or heard from folks like me. I have work to do, in that my special role is being one of those that have a permit to communicate with others who have passed or are not incarnate, and those who are.

You see, some people are disincarnate, but here on This Side. When people die, they some do not automatically Cross Over. They are in shock, surprised, and not sure where they are. For all my life, I have been able to pick up on their presence. They see me, and I stand out like a sore thumb to them from where they are. So they come to me. And we can talk, by telepathy (I hear a conversation in my head, and it sounds like their voice did when they were alive). They are often frustrated and upset because their loved ones can't listen to them any more, and don't respond. I have to explain it to them where they are, and what can be done. Many have questions about The Other Side. I explain that too.

It is a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion. You can come back and visit here any time.
 But that is where people go. A lot of people have religious concerns. They will not speak with me, unless I mentally shapeshift my appearance into something that they want to appear. Once, I turned myself into a fat old rabbi with a yarmulke and those long curls by my ears to facilitate the crossing of a Jew. He was the father of a friend of mine. I was like, okay, you want the works, I'll give you the works, thank God you did not want for me to be a cantor and have me sing!

He came to me. We had the discussion. And all it took was for him to trust me enough to hold my hand. Once a disincarnate individual touches my hand, I put their hand in one of my guides' hands, and they walk off to the Light together. Sometimes they turn around and wave back at me. The new ones are always smiling and thinking to themselves, why on Earth did I make such a big deal about this anyway?

It has to do with free will.

What about those I do not meet? Well, there are souls who fear the Light. They won't go to it. They want to stay for a loved one and protect them? They love someplace so much they don't want to leave it.  There is another word for entities like this, and they are ghosts. They come to me and talk to me too. I was in Berkeley Castle in England, and at a church very near or on the grounds. I was kneeling, and a presence came to me like the one that did this morning. It was not very Light, as I sort of lost my breath. But I talked to it, and got it to hold my hand...well, you know the rest of the story! Later on the tour, I learned there was a ghost at the castle, and we were in one of the rooms where it showed up. Not any more! I laughed to myself.

There are three ghosts on the Queen Mary Ship, which is a floating hotel in Long Beach, California. The first is in the pool. It is a little girl about nine to twelve. She wears the funny long bathing suit and skirt and has a big bow in her hair. Her hair is cut to her chin, maybe almost to her shoulders. She died in that pool and does not know. She likes to play in that pool, and did not want her play to be interrupted enough to talk with me more than a brief, who are you? She is stuck in time, by her own will, and happy.

The second is a worker, a young man about twenty, who died in the machinery accident there. He was cut in half, at the waist. He has short brown hair and brown eyes that are very far apart. He is not very intelligent. He does not understand that he is dead, or about the accident.  He doesn't get it. He spent all his time saying, huh? and is trying to figure it out. He didn't talk to me. He is stuck in the aftermath of the accident and still trying to accept the fact that he is dead. Because of free will, he does not have to talk to me or anyone unless he wants to. I do not even know if he knew that I was there. But I picked up on him.

The last is an elderly woman, a mother of five, who spent her honeymoon and several other trips with her husband on the boat. Theirs was a happy marriage, and when she died, she wanted to come back to her room, the one she always stayed in with her husband. It was a choice she made, and why she is not with her loved ones on The Other Side (maybe she is and is just visiting?) I do not know.

We stayed in her room. It was a first class cabin on the port side on the ship. It was very elegant. She was a kind ghost. She gave me lots of advice about my life, and what to anticipate in the future. It was good and I wrote as much of it down after I met her. I wish I could describe her looks to you, but she was generic rich old lady from the thirties, in linen like dress.

Times are coming where folks are going to have to decide if they want to make the upgrade to the fifth dimension Gaia is rising to or not. I want you to know that each soul makes a contract in this life, and has the chance to exit at choice. There are around five or six 'exit points' automatically built in to the life contract, so an entity can bail out when it has learned enough life lessons.

Just like on The Other Side, where people can come and go, it is like that here too. It all has to do with life lessons, the progress of the soul, and soul learning pathway.

Some are going to make the choice to stick around and stay in the third dimension. Their life lessons are such, that the work and progress that is going to be made in fifth dimension is like a really tough Advanced Placement course that is taken on the college level. Maybe they are in Junior High or Middle School, and just don't want to make the jump. Lower dimension entities are very uncomfortable in a Higher Dimension. It is like chalk scratching a screech on the chalkboard, or fingernails scraping on it. There are plenty of 3D learning opportunities for them to take, and they will be transferred there as soon as the adjustments are made from transition and they give themselves life judgement after life review.

These souls are going to find a way out. To exit the planet. And how you do that is to pass on.
Yes, die.

Whenever there is a mass casualty on the planet, those souls have pre-arranged for this in advance. It is an option in their Life Contract they have asked to take. Everyone gets to one place and they leave there. The Tsunami's are an example that come to mind, the people in Thailand or Japan made that choice. But some did not and survived.  Do not feel their life was taken away from them. It was their time to go, in their way, so they could move on to what is right for them. Let them go. Send them Love and Light and many Blessings. Grieve for their loss, and pray for their family. Offer financial support to the reconstruction and rebuilding.

Gaia has to shift some of her surface and all of her vibration to make the upgrade to 5D. And in some places, people know and plan in advance to be there at that time just to get of the ship. Angels and guides are present, much in the manner of what I have described I do, helping people to crossover. No one is ever alone in this. And the Mayan people have descendants who made it through the last shift, and upgraded along with Gaia, and did just fine. That is what the calendar 2012 is all about. There is no fourth dimension because the people who rule the world right now, ruled it back when it was 4D and destroyed the entire dimension. Gaia had to drop back, and now she is going to her rightful place.

(I get the stragglers that will not listen to an angelic guide! Some listen only to a human source.)

Ponder this. It is a stretch but it is good for you. Like yoga is!


Reiki Doc