Monday, July 30, 2012

Reiki, Adversity, and Divine Intervention

I am going to talk about myself, and the unexpected help that often shows up when you are in a bind and the Universe is your Partner in The Work At Hand.

I am a good Worker for the Universe. I work tirelessly on behalf of the common good. My dream and my goal is to make Reiki a part of Healing everywhere, to bring it to homes where parents can help their children fall asleep blissfully, where everyone is a healer and ready to help a soul in need.

Today I gave Reiki to my boy as the dentist scraped the plaque off his teeth and he was hurting. I simply held his hand and let it flow. It was enough to get him through the experience. Nobody needed to know, but it is automatic and helpful, and it is what I did.

Last night I had a patient in the medical profession who was so afraid of having a cesarean section and using drugs that she only let herself gain twenty-four pounds during the pregnancy! Normal weight gain is thirty. This woman let fear of 'un-natural' childbirth put her child in danger of low birth weight. Furthermore she went to nine centimeters with an OP (occiput posterior) presentation, the most mechanically difficult one for giving birth, and consequently the most painful. She got epidural, and was amazed at how much better she could feel. And then to cesarean section, where I gave as much Reiki as I could to help this lost soul turn her fear around. Amazingly enough, at the last part of skin closure, she shared how much she had done 'to avoid c-section' and laughed at how she ended up in the O.R.! You should have seen her face when I saw her on Postpartum today! Beaming with gratitude and Light. She understood. She learned to face her fear and to trust. She had to get to the point where it was clear to her she would have lost her life and that of her infant if she had continued on that fear-driven mindset.

Well, what about myself? I am a busy single mom, with children's needs taking up most of my waking time when I am not at work. Consequently, I am not the world's best housekeeper. I can keep up with laundry, dishes, and bathrooms. But the floors are a mess, and the energy it takes to make the little ones put their toys and things away it just sometimes too much for me.

I was so distraught at another Saturday spent rearranging and clearing out junk that I lost hope. I accepted the fact that this was going to be forever. I have a male friend I am interested in who can help me with the construction projects my house desperately needs for it is settling too much. There are cracks everywhere, and nails popping out of the wallboard. But because of the mess, I am too ashamed to invite him to my home. At my lowest low, I heard Debby, my old neighbor, with her two dogs. I joined her at once on her walk, like we used to do every Saturday together with the kids. She had seen my door open, and she couldn't have come at a better time. I haven't seen her for six months to a year, but she came right when I needed it most.

On Sunday, I had a babysitting dilemma. Dad was bringing home the kids and I was stuck on OB at work. Our usual sitter, due to a miscommunication, had plans, and my parents were sick. Frazzled, I called some old neighbors, and made arrangements. I agreed to pay a lot of money, one third of my stipend, for the less than twenty-four hours they would spend babysitting.

My mother says, use financial incentive, people will help you more. But it was a lot! I had a very slow day at work. But when I called, the kids were much happier than with their dad, my heart knew at once I had done the right thing. When I called back to say goodnight, there was no answer, and I was like, at least they are having a good time.

When I came home, I was told my children had a surprise for me. The couple have a cleaning company, and together with the kids, they cleaned my home! (I clean my own house because I believe it is my role to 'bless it'. I also do not want the negative energy of cleaning crew, as well as their distrust of my spiritual items around the home.)

The Universe heard the cry of my heart. And the value of the cleaning given, vacuuming, sweeping, and clearing/putting away stuff that was choking my Life Force, was worth as much as what I had paid for the babysitting. They even took down the baby gate that had made the front entryway look so awful all of these years!

It was the modern day, single-mother gift of the Magi from her two lesbian couple friends. One of the couple had been a single mom, and she remembered just how hard it is to keep up. Especially after falling behind with my recovery from my surgery...

There is so much love and healing out there in the Universe. And sometimes, when you are a healer for a living and live the Reiki Life, you are blessed beyond imagination at the Healing that comes back again to you.


Reiki Doc