Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pet Rat Versus Feeder Rat: A Paradox

I have been reading up on the care of rats who are pets. Mama Rat and her babies, as well a their Daddy, are doing well. Mama and Daddy are pining for each other across their two separate cage walls so much that jokingly I call them Romeo and Juliet. From immediately after giving birth, to every five days, she has been in heat. So for one week old rats, she has been ready to mate three times. It's driving them crazy...

According to an author of Rat Care, breeders are well-aware of this phenomenal reproductive strategy. All matings are done with the intention of the breeder to create new pets. The parents are chosen for their temperament first, and for their looks second.  When not actively breeding, the male rats and female rats are kept separate at all times unless they are both fixed.

The picture of a breeder's place shows carts with many trays on them, stacked higher than a man. They are in a special room, with humidity and temperature controlled, and it is very clean. The newborns are handed often (it is okay, the mom will not reject the pup if it has our scent) to make them more sociable and better pets.
The breeder is also responsible in placing the new rat babies into good homes, that will take care of them and love them. They know where most rats in pet stores end up.
The breeder of feeder rats is as knowledgeable about the reproductive strategy of rats as the breeder of pet ones. Surprisingly enough, the cart system and special room for raising them is the same. After all it works best for the bringing of new rats into this world, does it not? The only difference is where these new rats will go, and the care and selection that goes into the pairing of the parent rat.
It is after they are born, where the difference in Pet Rat and Feeder Rat is most apparent. Some newborns are taken from their mother and given a wet nurse female rat, They are all at the pet store, together, and when one is to be sold as reptile food it is taken from the nest.  There are bins of pups, small rats, medium rats, large rats, and collossal size rats. Sometimes they are separated by sex, but they might not be and in this case all of the females would be with child.
What different worlds do these baby rats experience! A world of love and nurturing, of socialization and never being taken from their parents. And a world where perhaps the handlers may interact with them, but despite their unawareness, their being raised for food is going to make for a very short life.
The part I am upset about is that the rats have no choice in where they are brought up. It just happens. And that is one of the paradoxes of The Life of Rats as a species. The wild ones, I suppose, must have their reproduction known by the exterminator, too. And the strategy to eradicate them must take the incredible reproduction rate in mind.

It is humans in the pet industry (and the exterminator industry) that apply control over the fate of these small animals. It is the breeder (and the exterminator) who decide when and how, more or less, these rats will die. The humans have been taught to do this, how to raise rats for such a purpose.

My grandfather worked in Rosemead, California at a chicken slaughterhouse. His job was to get them into the water. He never would talk about it, even though the job had been twenty years before. But grandmother and mother explained to me that from what he had seen at work, he would never eat chicken again. I have since learned that those chickens are boiled alive to make the feathers come off!

If you would like to know more about what really happens in the meat industry, and the food industry in general, I recommend this book:

Do you accept that there is an art to raising animals, for pets and for food? Is it logical that the bigger the market, such as for the consumption of meat by humans, that the best interests of both the animals and the consumer is not front and center in the mind of the person making the decisions on the manner in which these animals will die? Might they possibly be thinking more of their own gain, financially? If this makes sense, it is a good thing for you to buy this book and read it. It is shocking. And I have changed the way I eat because of it.

Would it be possible for somebody along the line to make the choice for humans as to how they would live and when they would die? What if our society is like a bunch of cages, and some people are raising us to be used for the purpose they had chosen for us? And if this might be a probability, what if there were humans that were raised in a way so shockingly different from us, that it would be like the difference between beef and veal? Everyone knows that veal are separated from their mothers, placed in small cages in the dark where they can't even turn around, and force fed to make their meat more tender when they are turned into food? Is this not a part of society as we know it, the taking away of the free will of the animal in question, and planning the course of the creature's entire life?  Who says that this tendency of man to place his own needs above the needs of the animals is limited to livestock and pets?

What if there were humans that considered everybody else to be animals and of little consequence?

What if these humans were in bloodlines that stretched back in antiquity, to societies older than Egypt? And what if they passed along their skills and perfected them with science to create fool-proof individuals who would do their will at their bidding?

If this was the case, would you want to learn more about it? If so here is a link to more links so you can learn:

After reading it, you might feel shaken. I feel it. And I just had a great big nightmare from it. It has taken me four days of intensive reading to make it through all of the information. Right now I am on Chapter 8 of the last link. I won't mention any names, but the Rat-like people are involved with it. They have infiltrated every bastion of society one can think of. Including New Age people and Christians.
And the fool-proof individuals don't know that they are a part of this group, the many who are. Sometimes they are used to give disinformation. Sometimes they are used for things that are much worse.

I want you to know so you can help others, as they discover for themselves the hidden truth. They are not as prepared for it as you. If you have a history of MPD, reading this may be fatal. Let this one go.


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