Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy News!

At the home fromt:

Soon I will put a photo on this post, but Mama Rat is the mother of six new baby rats. We are going to socialize them and turn them into pets suitable for sale in a pet store that does not sell feeder rats. There is one nearby, and if that does not work, then a shelter.

(Fortunately rats live two years, and if we do not find a place for them, we have ample his and hers cage capacity!)

This was the first time my little ones got to experience the miracle of birth. What had once been a common experience, the wonder of new life,be it kittens or puppies, is now a very rare experience due to routine sterilization of all larger pets.

They are blind, pink, and squeaking at their mama's side.

About Gaia:

There is a huge newsbreak from Kauilapele:

I am still in the process of reading it, because I am going through all the hyperlinks in the body of the text. If you are awake, and chances are you are, because you are reading this, it will be a sign that help is on the way.

What I have learned is that on May 5, 2102 (also known as World Freedom Day) the leader of the Rat-like humans, the head of the Black Pope, was arrested and taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

The more you would like to know about this, and all the key players in the Jesuit (there is a high-ranking team of military religious that run the world, Spanish in origin, who decide every War and Conflict, including the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's) Black Hats operation.

It is fascinating.

If you click the Main button on the header, there are three new articles. Drake show, to be taken with a grain of salt. Then Salusa, which is excellent and very inspirational. And then Poofness (I know it's a silly name, but she is accurate)

Warning: these three posts are very Obama-referenced, one calling him a Super-man. I voted for him because I voted on behalf of the will of the people, I am no fan and I am no foe. I am neutral and taking my time to get a read on him. In fact, four years back, I suspected he was the Antichrist, as his look reminded me of something in my Bible readings. All I know now, is that he is a higher soul who has taken on a very challenging role. He was recruited for the part in all of our destiny, from a higher realm, to be born and do what he does. He has had death threats on himself and his family, possibly from the Cabal. I don't know. I try to use my intuition, and get a read on him, but I can't. So I let it go and wait.
If you are polarized on his political role and role in the galactic situation, you may or may not like what you read.

In Spirit:

I am starting to come out of a funk where piles would just grow on any horizontal surface of the home. My hairdresser had the same problem. We are both busy people, but it was ridiculous. We are both Cancerians.

After the plumbing leak in my garage, and the subsequent moving of stuff, I find I have done a deep clearing (many photos from old relationships were there), internally, and things are shaping up, albeit slowly.

The Cabal had the capacity to do long wave technologies, to scramble the compbatiibility of chakras (destroy relationships) and to made people unmotivated.

I am not sure if the disorganization was them, or me, but either way, it is getting better.


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