Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Truth about Papa Rat

The Rat House (a very big amusement park)  is a Satanic Site.
The creator of it, whom I will call Papa Rat,  was a 33rd Degree Mason.
Kind of hard to believe?

I know.

This post is a compilation of my own experiences and input from my last post.

I worked there. And I learned that there is an underground city underneath the park. There are two levels under it. I was told that it was for having large boxcars of meat and supplies go in without guests knowing it. And for trash to be taken out of the park.

We had our break room under our work site. It took scary stairs down into a small room where we could eat. It was all white with little decoration, if any. I never ventured down to the level below, or anywhere else in the level of the break room. I did not want to go. I was afraid of it, being down there in the first place.

I never though of it much, the Dark side of The Rat House, until I was on a ghost tour of New Orleans. The tour stopped at a house that was owned by Kevin Costner. It was the most haunted house in town. He had his in-laws living there. It looked like an ordinary house.

One hundred or so years ago, there was a fire in the kitchen. It was set by a woman who had been chained to a wood burning stove, and burned by the hot chains at every mealtime. Her hands and arms were cooked from the heat. When the fire department came out, there was a shop of horrors hidden behind the kitchen. There was a man with no face, still alive. There was a woman with no arms and no legs, who scooted around, There was another with an exposed skull, one with a tongue removed, and more things too awful to mention by the tour guide. The owner was the richest surgeon in town, and his daughter, the best dressed young women, were hosting a party at the time. As the fire burned, the woman ordered the musicians outside to keep playing. And the horrified guests fled, as the family ignored the fiasco of torment that was being exposed.

This house was the model of the Haunted 'Rat' Mansion, the tour guide said. I was shocked, since I had always loved that ride, and the beautiful costumes worn by the people in front. He also said the victims were from surgical experimentation. I think they were involved in ritual abuse.

Now with my reading of,  , I learned that the beautiful costumes' dark green  color is Satan's color. I felt creepier right away.

It's a Small  World ride with the song that gets stuck in your head is full of triggers for the Alters in Monarch-Programmed Multiple Personality Slaves. So are the films made by the creator of this park. As a matter of fact, these films every children owns and watches over and over are one of the few sources of entertainment these slaves are allowed to watch. The triggers reinforce the control of the slave behaviour.

Satanic ritual extracts the power of someone burning alive by repeating their name as they pass. This is the secret of the crematoriums in Auschwitz and other places. (Burial in mass graves would have been cheaper and more efficient. 1) How many rides at the Park finish with flames? The Dio-rat-ma of Prehistoric World with the Dinosaurs. Mr. T-rat''s Wild Ride. And The Pi-rat-es of the Car-rat-bbean. In this 'religion' people are poisoned with apples for real. And the trance of Sleeping Beauty is not much different from some of the real trance states Monarch Slaves go into.

The last time I was at the park was several weeks ago. I noticed for the first time W. Papa Rat's eyes. They bothered me. I had never really felt warm to him all the years of watching his show and movies on T.V., and seeing him in the park. But this time, I felt a dark presence. This was before I read any of the information on my link that I found last week. This link makes me concerned that possibly the parks are similar to the German Concentration Camps and the Pentagon in their alignment with ley lines or lines of power on the Earth. See this link for more:

Everyone knows Wa-rat-lt's head is on ice. When he died, just before  he was all the way dead, his body was cryogenically (deep cold) stored 'so that one day his brain might come bace to life'. People do not talk about it, but it's known by people around the park. My aunt lived in Ana-rat-heim and I overheard her talking with my parents about this. There was a company that could do this with the whole body or the head and it was very expensive. What I did not know, until last night, is that the head of an old leader is removed and placed on a silver platter in a ceremony that transfers the supernatural powers from the old leader to the new. This is normal in this 'religion'.

And no wonder that the exclusive restaurant in the park that no one can go to is called rat-Clue-b 33.
The story was that there were thirty-three original members to the club. I don't think so. Not with the highest level of Mason being the 33 rd degree.

The layout of the original park, with a point each at the main gate, Adventureland (Jungle Cruise), Frontierland (mule rides), Fantasyland (Small World), and Tomorrowland (Rockets),  create an inverted star formation circumscribed by the train. At the very center of this is the castle.

Satanism is popular in South Coast Plaza area, it has been said. There is a street there that is named An-An-rat-ton, after An-rat-ton Le  (rat) Vey. If you ask me, that's a little too close to The Rat House land.

No one is ever going to want to know this. I love this place, where I first worked, and I have all my life! But as I see more and more symbols (if you read the link you will understand how they are worked in to the park), I have made connections. Enough to share my concerns with all of you. Only time will tell for certain. The world reach of this institution is throughout the globe, and all children are enamored with it. Family appeal is so needed, and the parks are safe. Who knows what goes on there lately. But the past. The past needs to be out in the open and needs to be discussed.


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