Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reiki and the Old Guy in the O.R.

Today I had a fascinating experience: a man with multiple medical problems was scheduled for a biopsy of the brain.

He was not very verbal, there was in fact a language barrier between us. But he did not warm up to my smile when I met him, although the family members at the bedside did.

Surgery and anesthesia was as expected for someone in their nineties and that sick.

When I opened his aura, I felt everything was doughy. Not much clean crisp energy there. Clean and crisp is the feeling of healthy aura and energetic system.

The shock was when his spirit talked to me. Sometimes I talk with the higher self, soul, or spirit of the person when I do the Reiki incognito in the O.R. It is the same entity I speak to when people are deceased.

'I don't know how to get out of the situation I am in!' He exclaimed, in confusion and despair.
'I keep trying to say to them, 'I don't want to go on like this, I am finished' but they do not get the hint!

He had trouble with his loved ones and his sense of responsibility and ties to them.

'You have all rights to follow your life contract as you see fit. You have a purpose. Even if that purpose is to die. You are free to choose your path. Get rid of all attachments. You are free!' I said back, in my heart/mind/telepathic voice.

He understood.

Then I gave my usual symbols and healing that I do.

That made for an interesting day!

Sometimes loved ones want to check out. I see it. And sometimes I see loved ones 'wanting everything done!' to prevent their loved one from passing from this life to the next.

Life is so much more! Did you know that we can get extensions to the exit dates on our Life Contracts? Did you know that most males die around their birthday (just right after) and most females stretch their illness our to make it to a certain important family anniversary or event? Those last two facts I have read about in the medical literature. But the first part I learned from mom: when people's time to die is near, but they have unfinished business, they can extend it just a little bit. About three months, in fact. And then they go when they are ready and have said their good byes.

Have you ever known someone who has been through some hard times, and bounced back seeming like a totally different person? That is a walk in. Sometimes a soul has had enough and wants to get out of their Life Script. But someone else's spirit wants to take up where the first one left off. That is like buying a used car, so to speak! Mom recognizes a walk in when she sees one, either in a celebrity, or a politician, or someone that we know.

Another interesting fact is sometimes transplant recipients take on the likes and dislikes of the donor. My mother is a kidney recipient. She has an image in her head of the accident that led to the donor's death. He was healthy, riding a bicycle on a country road, and there was an accident with this big truck.  She never drank a beer in her life, but now she will take one with her favorite ball game. She never used to watch the ball games either! She is mom, with the same likes and dislikes, but this new set of likes is superimposed on her. She named the graft 'Charlie' for 'Charlie's Angels'. We are all so thankful for the donor and the donor's family for that gift of Life.

There is much more to Life than meets the eye! I hope this got you thinking...


Reiki Doc