Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gaia is in Labor

Yesterday I was on my shift at the Labor Deck on Labor and Delivery at work. I have been helping women having babies since 1998. In that time I have seen a lot of normal and unexpected things.

I know the effect and onset of all of my anesthetic drugs. I can tell when the baby is navigating the birth canal, wedging it open with its head, by how the mother-to-be gets a pain low and in the middle in the front.

I can tell when the baby is coming down sunny side up (occiput posterior). It is painful and my medicine hardly can cover it up. To make the pain just bearable, I use more than twice I normally use, and the mother may have numb patches in her leg for one or two days as her body metabolizes all that stuff.

All of us know when the mother is likely to go to section before she does. Either the fetal heart tracing is iffy, or we can tell by the contraction pattern, or how long it has been taking for her to dilate.

When you hang around a place enough, you learn something. Sometimes from the nature of your specialty. Sometimes from watching others do their work as well.

I think that is what gives confidence in a health care provider, having been through childbirth enough, in a working capacity, to anticipate and know the tricks to make something work and help everybody get through all right.

It was this knowledge that helped me know that mama rat wasn't a boy, and was due any time with her litter of little rat pups. And got me to act and separate the two parents (I joke and call them Romeo and Juliet now!) so as to prevent more pups.

Gaia is in Labor. It is more than shaking off the fleas or occupy or getting rid of corruption--the rat like people that comprise the powers-that-were. Gaia is struggling with new energy. There are waves and waves of it, not unlike a laboring woman's contractions. I have been working with Her for over a year with my group I belong to, DPH (see Margaret McCormick's work). I have a sense for Gaia.

She is like a young mother going through her first labor. She knows there is a baby at the end of it. And she is ready. But she just doesn't know exactly what is ahead of her. She is courageous and committed to whatever it will take. And she is not afraid to ask for help to make it easier and smoother a transition.

One day, everything as we know it, is going to change. For some of us, we will have the conscious choice to transition through all of it with her. For others, perhaps, it is in our dream time that we make our plans. There are loving entities about, inside her, on her surface, and in the atmosphere/etheric plane, doing what they know best to help her at this time.

It is the first time for any of us, people and planet going together to new life. The Mayans made it through, but only a few, the last time. That time was a 4D to 3D shift, a regression. Since the fourth dimension got destroyed and does not exist, she is bumping up to the fifth.

Have you ever watched the propeller on an airplane? Or perhaps the blades of a fan? When it is off, you see the blades easily. As the device starts to spin, you see a blur, but not as clearly as when it is still. At top speed, the blades are invisible. It is there, you hear it and you feel the wind and know best not to touch it. But it is not seen by the human eye. It is an illusion.

As the vibrations increase, we will go from 3D through what would have been 4D all the way to 5D. We can't see it yet, but we can feel the energy ramping up. Time is going faster. There are strange earth surface changes, such as sink holes, crabs never-before-seen washing up ashore, volcanic activity, earthquakes, strange weather. This is Gaia 'dilating' up to Complete/Complete/Complete. Then she has to bring the new life forth. It doesn't seem like much but at some point she will be crowning. And then that is it. Whatever it is, it will be here. There are plenty of loving hands that are unseen guiding us.

What is asked of you, is to remember that no baby ever reads the book. No two labors are the same, even with the same mother. But just like a mother giving birth, Gaia is in her greatest glory at this time. And nobody but the Creator knows what that time is when our new life will emerge.

Last night, there was a very mature teenager, who was allowed to be present at the c-section birth of her youngest sibling. The father was not in town. I watched as her mother, an experienced mom, watched her daugher  watch the actual birth. There was a joy in the mother's eyes, a sharing of the mystery of life, the miracle, with her daughter. And the daughter was visibly taking in a miracle, appreciating it with joy the entire time. I gave her tissue, for her tears, and felt lucky to be there as this child was born to such a wise mother and kind-hearted big sister.

Think about the miracle of 2012. We are lucky beyond our ability to imagine to be incarnate (alive) at this time! There was a lottery, a huge audition, for these roles we have here today!

So what? Your health is not the greatest. So what, your financial situation isn't the best? It's not like there was anybody wicked out there fixing the interest rates and hijacking your life savings, right? How could ANYONE survive the current economic system? It is rigged! So what if you are lonely? So what if you do not look like a photoshopped cover on a beauty magazine? The models do not look like that either! Again, it is a business that is rigged to make you feel less than your best and make you want to buy what it is they have to sell.

No matter what it takes for you to be here at this time, your spirit auditioned for it, and got the part that only YOU could fill. That part that is perfectly made for you, and you for it, and is VERY important to everything going on in the Universal Theater. Everything you do, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, is part of the Divine Plan. It is your free will, and how you choose it, that is helping to write the script of what is going to happen to Gaia.

Count to ten for her! Help her push! The time is short for this. And memories are being made! Only the very closest to Her would even get the chance to witness this!

Take care of yourself, and be sure to pay careful attention to your inner voice and your heart. That is where the Truth is for your Divine Purpose. I can't wait to see it shining when the New is born!


Reiki Doc