Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Start Your Day

Monday mornings are no different from any other day? Beg to differ?

Well, the only reason that you have to go to work is that you are fortunate to have a standard work week, Monday through Friday,   with weekends and holidays off. You also most likely have a standard work day, which is approximately from nine in the morning until five at night, with a one hour break for lunch.

What makes for this despicable Monday and the most-anticipated Friday in the week? It has become so much drudgery that we have appointed Wednesday as the official 'Hump Day', the halfway point between Monday and Friday.  And in some circles, Thursday night has become the unofficial Friday night, in that you go out but still have to go to work the next day.

My limousine driver taking us from the CDG to the hotel in Paris, shared that he had been up until four a.m. the night before. And you are driving me on the freeway?! I thought to myself incredulously.

This is the Modern Day Life as we know it. Would you agree?

The Mondays and the Fridays and the Saturdays off and the Sundays that we give thanks and go to Church?

Why is that? Did you ever stop and question the status quo?

Look outside. In Nature. Does Nature have the structure of a work week? Do panda bears take breaks? Do hippos go to worship their Divine Creator? Does a reindeer have to pay the rent?

Why is that so? Why does Man, above all other creatures, put other men to work for him? And pay for food and lodging? Did you ever wonder if that feeling in your heart, of being stuck to a grindstone or a harness, and that yearning to be free might be what is letting you know something is wrong? Are you being taken advantage of by a system where it is impossible for you to get ahead?

I have to go to work Monday. I have to be there at seven. I have to pack lunches and overnight cases, for I will have an overnight shift. That is correct. I will work twenty-four hours straight, locked in a little room with no windows, coming out whenever anyone and everyone who needs obstetric anesthesia or an emergency intubation ask for my services. I cannot say, 'No, I am tired and I want to sleep!'. I think about but can't say, 'I just started eating my sandwich. Could it not please wait for six or seven minutes?' I am in private practice where service to the patient is number one, and speed and efficiency for the doctors and nurses is number two.

I feel the dread right now, at eight o'clock Sunday morning. I know the feeling all too well.

Change is coming. It is on the way. It is not a choice exactly, but a matching of vibration. Gaia is raising up Her Vibration. Anyone who is compatible with it, and of the Light, will get a chance to stay. Everyone else, who lives in a fear-dominated reality (our society as we know it), will get the chance to excuse themselves and reincarnate (die), or travel to another third dimensional world to progress.

Lightworkers will have the chance to go be a Spirit and learn their more advanced lessons that way. Or to stay here on Gaia and be a Caretaker.

You do not get to choose between 3D and 5D and higher dimensions. Your Vibration will chose for you. Vibration is like oil and water. Oil can try to go into water, but it will always rise up. Oil is not water. The same is true for us. Oil is 5D compatible Vibratory state. Water is 3D compatible Vibratory state. Both of us are mixed together in this time, with 5D ones that have been sent to assist in the transition. We are all getting shaken up together!

The only thing you can do about your Vibration is now, before the decision is put out before us.
Now is the time to jack it up! You can change yourself from water to oil (3D to 5D) if that is your intent. There are many sources of assistance from the Light to give everybody the opportunity to 'wake up and smell the coffee'. If you will it, it can be so. You will be guided on this Path. It is okay to ask for Help, and Help will be given. You can also take steps like these below, avoiding the lower and practicing the higher:

Vibration Lowering:
chemicals (drugs/alcohol/tobacco)
loud noises
man-made entertainment
many foods that are full of GMO, and especially meat and animal products
glorifying War

Vibration Raising:
letting go of sadness
unconditional love
learning about the Divine on your own (self-guided)
clear, fresh air and water
Nature--spend time in it, and grounding yourself into Gaia
raw foods, vegetarian foods
making love
helping someone in need (an elderly relative, a lonely person, someone less fortunate than you)
Making the choice not to anger--it takes two to argue.

I don't know when the Event is coming. It is sometime between now and December 21. The Mayans made it through the Event the last time. But these are the basics. You have to go on living your lives until then. But while you do, ask yourself, 'what do I want if I could decide on those three options: die and reincarnate as 3D, stay in 3D as I am, or transition to 5D either with a hybrid body or without a body?'If Light is your calling, start raising your vibration whenever possible, so you can make the jump.

Good Luck,


Reiki Doc