Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Disturbing film)

Wake up and smells the coffee?

Yesterday I was called out of some good waves by a friend to come see this. As I looked at the horror of a dead harbor seal washing ashore, I sent strong messages Up, asking for Guidance:

surely there has to be some message in this (animal totem**)?

what is it You are trying to say?

Please send it so I might understand?

It took a few seconds, that felt like forever. And then it hit, an emotion/information that I understood immediately:

(There is a feeling you get in medicine, when the patient is not doing well, and is warning you that it is about to Code--code blue. It is the sickest one can be sick before actually dying. A code blue is a situation between life-and-death that can go either way)

Gaia is in trouble. She needs help right away. This is going to take MORE than reusable bags at the grocery store (the bags felt Insignificant, a drop in the bucket).

I felt a need to get everybody together and roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The whole Disclosure thing-whenever and however that is meant to happen-is only a start. The real work is only to begin after Disclosure.

Please send Love and Light to Gaia at every opportunity

Please listen for resonance in your Heart of Hearts to how you can possibly help Her

Thank you.


Reiki Doc

**Hawaiian Monk Seal from The Hawaiian Oracle by Rima A Morrell, PhD:
Hulu:  Challenge = Remembrance, Way through = Rhythm, Gift = Immortality

Aia ke ola i Kahiki
Life is in the Kahiki   (Kahiki are ancient lands)