Friday, July 20, 2012

The Miracle of Believing In Yourself

You have the ability to make anything you want to happen.

Your mind has the ability to create. The power of this is the ability to manifest.

What is on your mind right now? The mind is like a garden. Your thoughts are the plants that grow inside. Worry is like weeds that take over and choke out the garden.  Negative thinking, and thoughts of fear, create unpleasant experiences that are chances for you to grow.

Always think the BEST and the BEST shall come to you.

The HEART and MIND are interconnected. If, for example, you think about a partner, finding the perfect one, and read about it and write about it but in your heart of hearts there is an element of desperation, a tie to the bad experiences of your past, a wanting to 'do over', it will not work.

Only Trust that is pure and simple allows the Universe to step in and co-create with you a powerful relationship.

Tuesday I had to work post-call on Obstetrics. I had to go into the remote locations from ten to two. I felt miserably trapped. I looked out the window at a lovely day and perplexed over my fate. But I accepted it, and acknowledged that everything is for the best. Even if we don't understand it.

Wednesday, I worked  like normal. I was third call, the next-to, next-to-last person to leave the OR that night. I came home at around eight at night.

Thursday, by some miraculous wonder, I got the day off. I have been dying to go to the beach all summer. We spent the day in the waves and the sand, everything working perfectly. And I got the deep inner relaxation I have not had for about two weeks.

Interestingly enough, there were small lessons for the day at the Beach. The seawater would burn my eyes. The worst time, my Reiki-III trained son put his hands on my eyes and did Reiki on them. Instantly the burn went away! And although this one had the time of his life, his bathing suit and sand irritated his delicate skin so much, he had to take it off and wear a towel on the way home. I also used a sunscreen stick on my face. I put the stuff everywhere. But I have a striped sunburn. It's not so great because my thirty-year high school reunion is tomorrow, and our extended family has a photo shoot the following day. But like the day I had to work on my day off, I accept it. I let it go, I look for the humor in the situations, and I give thanks for the Good that came along.

The Universe operates on a delicate system of exchange of energy. There is no money like we know it here on earth. Focusing on money to allow you to do what you want, is like focusing on electricity to make your computer run. It is not the electricity, it is the desire to use the computer that lets you do what you want with it. And you naturally believe that when you turn on the switch that is all it will take to get the computer to work.

Focus on your desired outcome. Use your feelings as your guide. We are living in a society that has harnessed our ability to create and hijacked it for itself. Every movie, every sporting event, every fashion, every new restaurant distract you from your creative powers. Every news story focuses the attention like a laser beam for more of the same. The news right now is horrifying. But there are glimmers of change that is to come. In the coming weeks and months you will better understand and accept with joy the changes. All debt will be forgiven. All focus on survival (which is a lie--you are here and there is plenty from the Creator to help you survive if you believe it) is going to go away.

Take care of yourself and practice all your mental gardening skills. Happy Co-creating!

Love and Namaste,

Reiki Doc