Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Prosperity: Spiritual Bactine

My friends, and indeed you are...I am going to sound like a heretic. There is a currency of exchange I think about. I call it Heaven Dollars. At my work, I have an opportunity to serve others. It is a nice place. I have access to nice equipment. The coworkers are pleasant. Because my intent is on doing good, and enjoying the chance to be with others as a helper in time of need, my heart is overflowing with abundance! I am one of the luckiest people in life, because I get to do my childhood dream for a living!

What is your dream? What is your calling? Let me let you in on a secret: every night before I go to sleep, I review my mental chalkboard of the day. And in my mind, I erase it with a mental eraser in my hand. And when I wake up in the morning, it is a new day! The chalkboard is clean!

So, now we are going to talk about the concept of manifestation. Manifestation is the ability to create a dream come true. For example, the actress who came from Podunk, knowing all her life she would be a star, and never lost hope against countless struggles. And made it big!

Do you hate her? Are you jealous? Be true to yourself on this. Are you jealous of someone that has a new Mercedes and is enjoying themselves? Are you upset that the rich get richer? Are you frustrated and worn out from all your trying to make ends meet? Let me ask you, why on earth are you doing that to yourself? You don't have to suffer! There is enough everywhere for all!

It all has to do with the ability to Manifest. What is on your mind today will become your reality tomorrow. And if you anticipate what you wish as being just around the corner, really believe it is so, it will arrive. If it is for the highest good. Thoughts of love, and light, and helping people snowball! Doing what your heart of hearts wants to do, in the moment, as well as toward a goal, is your path to follow.

A sense of entitlement does not make sense, for with this you siphon of the energy of someone's dream. This is not how the universe works. It is not the healthiest choice you can be making. How much healthier it is, psychologically, to live your own dream! You can ask for help. I do. All the time. I say 'I have a problem with my plumbing and I don't know what to do. Dad (my father is deceased) I need your help! Show me what to do, where to go from here!" there is always an answer, sometimes not instantaneously, but prompt enough to be on time.

You have a purpose and a job to do while you're alive. And when you do it you will feel joy you cannot imagine! The reciprocation of gratitude is a win-win! Heaven dollars is the pay, and yes you CAN take it with you.

Earthly dollars are all messed up. And that is going to change this year. Debts and oppression will be released to make it fair for everyone. It will be a new start. Try to generate wealth and abundance in Heaven Dollars first, and the earth ones that pay the rent will follow. I guarantee it! Simply take the money out of the picture and ask the Universe to supply for your needs in your work. It may be a surprise check, or a meal out, or a gift of clothing. The Universe has lots more ways to get something to you in time than using the conventional method. Give the Universe a chance. Give thanks in advance! It will surprise you by your ability tomanifest when you truly believe. (In the past month, I manifested a visor (my cousin gave it), parking spots, cases at work, certain foods, and friends contacting me out of the blue. All I had to do was think of it, step back,and wait for it to show up.)

The world is really smiling! Gaia is feeling great. Won't you drop the past and join the celebration?

Lots of light and namaste,

Reiki Doc