Monday, July 30, 2012

Reiki and the Pediatric Dentists

Open wide!

This is a Reiki-based analysis of two local pediatric dentists:

Dentist A:
Has an office with toys, children's magazines, and several large video game consoles slightly more recent than Ms. Pac Man in the waiting room.
There are very few patients.
Films are taken with those things you have to bite on with pieces of film in them.
She finds a cavity in my three-year-old and wants to fill it that same day.
The treatment room is separate from the exam/cleaning chairs, and looks scary.
Fillings include Novocaine injection and conventional drill.
The dentist is fast, accurate, and a little too friendly.
Reward is stickers. Only one.
Only very good behavior gets a trip to the toy box, with old carnival-style win toys (cheap)

Energy is old, dying, desperate for cash inflow. There is a feeling of being sucked in.

Dentist B:
Has an office with a theme, video games built onto the wall (my son played Skee Ball and Tennis) in the waiting room.
One hundred percent digital dental x-rays
All the staff wears scrubs to match the dentist (changes each day)
The window is painted like a menu with all the flavors of 'toothpaste' (grinding stuff) and fluoride
Movies are on the ceiling over each chair
Laser drill means no Novocaine shots for fillings
Toy box for rewards, and multiple stickers
Immediate co-pay before you leave the door, credit card machine there.
Email and text reminders for appointments, as well as phone calls.

Energy is slick, upbeat, and workers are stressed. Cost-efficiency is evident but unspoken.

Let's compare them to MY dentist:

Dentist C:
Instead of dental fellowship in pediatric dentistry, studied at Sloane-Kettering Memorial for oncology reconstruction.
Was on staff at a University Hospital with Otolaryngology
Accepts he is never going to be able to pay for his new office furniture/design from five years ago
Personally cleans my teeth
Gives me his contact numbers
Has taken care of me longer than all of my marriages combined! (he worked on University staff, not the general public, with his general dentistry skills)
Helps people with devastating loss of cosmesis and function due to cancer regain a working mouth
Water drill
Standard X-rays

Energy is there is time to get the job done, done right, with careful attention to you.

Lets compare all three to my friend from college that went to dental school:

Dentist D:
Has held permanent part-time positions (two), one for the Senior Clinic and the other for Underserved.
Is an employee. (the other three own their practices)
Loves to travel.
Owns a simple home, and enjoys the Bay Area with hobbies like bicycling
Sends me chocolates at the holidays, along with lots of free sample size tubes of toothpaste

Energy is Life is Short, get the most from it, and get what is needed to survive but not amass fortune.

Question 1:
Which dentist is the most successful in the third dimension?

Question 2:
Which dentist is most likely to Ascend?

Question 3:
Which dentist is so out of touch with modern technology they are being left in the dust by the competition?

Question 4:
Which dentist is making the most impact on individuals?

Question 5:
Which dentist is likely to have the best personal healing energy available for the patient?

Question 6:
Which dentist would you most like to have work on you? And your family?

Question 7:
How much would you be willing to pay to see this dentist?
(I pay $111 a month for private dental insurance with 50% copay on covered items, increasing to 90% for some preventive and routine care after three years. My periodontal cleaning visits on my University policy are not covered. They cost $129 each time I go.)

Question 8:
How would Reiki-trained dentists compete with dentists A, B, C, and D? Would A,B,C, and D ever be open enough to get Reiki attunement?

Question 9:
Which dentist would you want to give you an anesthetic for larger procedures--Nitrous or Sedation? (assuming I am not available--LOL)

Question 10:
How does dental disease (red chakra, finances, survival) best heal?

Just to get you thinking : )


Reiki Doc