Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Time and Its Peculiarities

Reiki is not dependent on time.

Through the Distance Symbol, Reiki healing can be sent into the future, perhaps for a meeting or a special event.

Similarly,  it can be sent back into the past, for example, to heal the you-that-was in a dysfunctional family growing up.

I have sent healing from the west coast to Hawaii for a friend who was in trouble. The Reiki sent was instantaneous. My friend felt the effects of the healing right away, as soon as I sent it. The time difference between here and there is five hours.

Reiki blasted through all that.

At the Karuna Reiki level, some new students to this form of healing energy experience distortions in time and space. The concept of time becomes foreign. They are late, incredibly so, for they think it is a different day. Walls bend. And when pouring things spill because what appears like aiming for the glass ends up missing.

These Karuna observations are transient. As the student adapts to this high form of energy, they are able to process everything normally again: time, distance, identity, etc. Every once in a while, they might experience a small bit of it. In Psychic Development class, everyone is supportive, and perhaps the student might share 'I am having a Karuna day' and everyone would understand. (There is no hallucinogenic drug of any kind at all involved in any type of Reiki).

Time is speeding up.

I am still thinking of a way to explain it. If it seems that life is going faster, you are not mistaken.

Right now, we are going through worldwide changes. It has to do with the Ascension of Gaia and all of us who live on the planet. It is global. Our vibrational rate is on the rise. As it increases, the perception of time is going to seem faster and faster, until at one point it just goes away!

Time in the Higher Dimensions does not exist. Everything is in the Now. I am not sure how that works, exactly. However, after working with the Higher Dimensional energy of Karuna Reiki, and experiencing time alterations first-hand, it is important for me to share that it is okay. Somehow it works out. Just know that it is coming.

You are not imagining it, that time is speeding up.

I wonder if I should start shopping early for Yule, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas? ; )


Reiki Doc

P.S. Reiki Energy can only be able to flow after having an Attunement from a Reiki Master. The same is from a Karuna Reiki Master. Although some sources say that it is by intent, and also that electronic media permit attunement, the best and most accurate is to be in person for the attunement process.

It is considered best to wait three to nine months between levels of Reiki classes, because the adjustment to increases in flow of healing energy also bring cleanses of blocks to energetic flow. These symptoms may be physical, emotional, or spiritual, and you feel it for a few days to weeks while you are moving up in Reiki Training.