Friday, July 6, 2012

The Vortex: How To Help Souls Cross To The Light

Disclaimer: This might be upsetting to some readers. It is written in Light and for Intent of Highest Good For All who read it.

When I was in medical school, I first discovered my gift for taking souls to the Light. (See post What Happens When I Wake Up) for details.

I learned of a friend, Lola H., who was part of a group that did the same thing. They would gather together just for the purpose of helping lost souls who were stuck on earth, find their way to the light. She never told me how they do it. Just that they do. And she never shared exactly who they  were, or how many.

The difference between a ghost (soul on Earth plane) and a Spirit (visitor from The Other Side) is three feet. Three vertical feet. A ghost will have their feet be on the ground. And a Spirit will have their feet about three vertical feet up off the ground.

I am going to tell you how it works. The group sending souls to the Light. I am going to tell you here and now.

In my psychic development classes, there are times when we work on this. We are protected by the Light, by the teachers, and by the Guides of Compassionate Healing. Do not try this at home. Do not try this on your own. It would be like a person who had never been taught trying to do action stunts in the movies. Stuntmen and stuntwomen have been trained carefully for their work. It is risky. So it is with helping Lost Souls.

The first time I tried it was in a Channelling Class. As we started the meditation, at my red chakra, I saw lots of black in it. I was like, what's THIS?!? in my mind. I saw a flash of light leave me. Next I knew, this asian woman  six seats away was talking in a man's voice. An angry asian man's voice. She got up and started walking around, and fell on the ground, saying all kinds of shouting angry things in some language I did not understand. I thought my teachers did not know what they were doing. I called on St. Michael right away, and said the exorcism prayer over and over. Everyone in class was terrified. I was too, but facing the challenge of spirit with a courageous heart. She came back. He left. She was instructed never to come to channelling class again, but learn other specialties: she was too open, a natural channel. She left.

He came back. To me. Several times over the next few days after. Scared me to death. I learned who he was.

I called him on it. Big deal, taking over a girl and scaring a class! If you were really brave you would be a warrior for the Light!

It caught his attention. I had a point. What is the use of frightening people and being angry when you could do good instead? He vanished.

He came back several days later, and apologized. I saw him zip up to the Light. He came back, calmer another time, with good advice for me.

He switched.

Every other class since has been uneventful. It was the first time for our teachers, too. They knew what they were doing. It took me two years to understand what they had done. And I respect them for their ability to handle that kind of event and bring calm back to a class and carry on.

In class, the group becomes one. We connect our hearts by a daisy chain, green to the neighbor on the left, and pink to a neighbor on the right. After we open our chakras, and finish the meditation, we direct a beam of white light, either from our hand or our heart to the center of the room.

I do not see the individual light beams. But where they collide, I see a huge column of white light start to take shape. It is about the size I make when I make a circle with my arms in front of me.

Then it starts to swirl. In a clockwise direction. It starts spinning and spinning, and then at some point, the teacher says that the Guides of Compassionate Healing are able to keep it going.

I see them, lining up, outside. The spirits waiting to cross. Sometimes they will come in front of me, and talk to me. Some have questions--how? Is it safe? What do I do? And I talk with them, in my mind. I answer their questions honestly, and encourage them to move toward anything that seems to have a color, and walk toward it. It will get brighter and brighter, and soon they may start to see figures in the light. It is their Loved Ones eager to help them find their way home. They may start to feel pulled in a little faster, not to be afraid, it is how it works and it is okay. And they can always come back for a visit.

And then they pause, as if to decide. Sometimes I hold their hand and walk them near to the Vortex, in Spirit.

Then they go quiet. Nothing. Silence. Gone. And I know they successfully made it to the Other side.

Once or twice one has stopped by to say, 'Thank you' to me. I appreciate that very much. It is rare.

The entire process takes about twenty minutes from start to finish, opening the vortex to getting all souls that want to go, in.

It is one of the things I like to do best.

I want to talk about the formation of the Vortex, in a scientific sense. Because of the Laws of Free Will, the Angels and Heaven can't bring the path down to the plane that these souls are on. It is the Earth Plane, an entirely different and uncomfortably low vibration for the angels. But us, with our Free Wills, can. We meet the Guides of Compassionate Healing halfway. They are the ones that get the job done. They do all the work. We only facilitate it. And we help because often souls that are departed want to talk to a human, not an angel with wings, about important decisions like that.

It is very gratifying work to do.

By willing it, we can work together to raise the vibration in an area just enough so that Spirit can reach it. Then Spirit can help and do what they do best.


Reiki Doc