Thursday, July 26, 2012

Energetic Self Defense

You have an energetic system that is your soul, it is connected to your body through the energetic chakra system. You have a mind, which is yours to develop as you wish. And a Heart that helps you to discern as a Spiritual Being what is right and what is wrong. Your Heart Center also gives you indication by your feelings how close you are to your Life Plan you designed for yourself to experience prior to your birth.

All of us have Soul Lessons, and a typical life is designed to decrease Karmanic debt and to balance the accomplishments of the soul. As it stands, your Life is governed by the Concept of Free Will. No one can do anything to you without your consent. Even if faced with a negative entity that tries to trick or frighten you, all you have to do is tell it to go away. The Laws of the Universe are designed so that it has to go away when you tell it.

Light is more powerful than Dark. Right now, there are a number of Dark leaders who are on their way out. It is my understanding that their minions have infiltrated into every part of our Society. They are in the military, banking, the CIA, churches, and everywhere else one can imagine. Some New Age Spiritual celebrities are dark. And some websites and commenters are disinformation professionals from the Dark side. Some of these Dark alters are hidden and only the controller truly knows who is dark because the other alters in the front are programmed to forget. (An alter is the name of each multiple in multiple personality disorder)

So what are you to do? Your heart is the BEST DETECTOR as well as THE BEST ADVISOR your soul could ever have! There also is that quiet inner knowing, that you had as a child, that tells you a smiling adult does not care about you and hates kids. You process it so fast, it bypasses logic, and you just KNOW.

What are some tip offs that someone or something you encounter is not of the light?

1. The eyes. The eyes are dark and without life. This can be in a picture or in life. You just can't look at it.

2. Your breath. I feel a breathlessness and pressure in my chest. I saw another shopper in the crystal shop was a vampire this way. Oddly enough, my Light bothered him just as much as his dark bothered me. We spoke not a word to each other, only brief eye contact, and auric fields interacted across the store.

3. That vague sense that something terrible happened here.  I just read a list of satanic locations, and was surprised at how accurate my 'creep you out' detector had been. The Pentagon was the worst. I was only at a metro stop and I wanted to bolt out of there! Incidentally, any establishment with lots of tunnels built under it is where these kind of places are. My first job was at one of them, and recently when I saw a picture of the founder I had my detector go off. Turns out this individual was a Thirty-third level Mason. I won't say who because you wouldn't want to know, probably. Here is a link if you want to know. It is in the very back, after the information about Monarch Slaves.

4. Your Pulse.  If something makes your heart beat faster when you watch it or read it--anywhere--it is probably something designed to take you away from the Light.

5. Very flat emotion.  For example, a parent who does not call kid by name, doesn't show any tenderness, and does not react pleasantly to a compliment on the children is probably programmed and programming them with mind control from the Dark.

The Truth about the Powers-that-Were is out. It is on the Internet. I want to hurl puke. My mind still can't wrap around how hidden and pervasive the Organization has been. You will be angered when you know the truth. Especially because some of the biggest philanthropists and people who have made fantastic contributions to society hide their darkness under a veneer of light for balance.

That is why I have put together these guidelines to help you on your Discernment at this special time, when the shit hits the fan.

I also want to caution you: everything is good and the more love you have in your heart the more you will starve out the energetic monster of Evil who thrives on fear and suffering as an energy source. 

When feelings overwhelm you,ask for Archangel Michael to sever the ties between you and the trigger.

Go to Nature and take in health and Love and Healing and Light.

The dark side is planning last ditch efforts such as a fake UFO invasion ( they have the secret aerospace projects), mass casualties, and acts of war. This act of horror backfired, and people as a whole are sickened by this violence and want it to end. It is not creating the hysteria or gun control that the powers-that-were had anticipated.

Love the Light. Wrap yourself in it. Avoid tv, sports, advertising, music, video games, newspapers, movies, fashion, Vegas...anything that could possibly use high tech mind control gimmicks on you. It is not as safe as you think and your best interest is not a part of any of them. That is, if you are a Starseed, a Lightworker, or Indigo Child and you are working towards Ascension.

Discern! protect yourself. Only accept what resonates with you.

Namaste, Reiki Doc