Friday, August 24, 2012

The Light Box

This is the story of a meditative experience I had of going to inner Earth and getting into a Light Box:

I was guided into Agartha. It looked different in colors from earth, not as solid, more shimmery for all the trees and buildings and land formations. There was a laboratory office, and I was there. I was to be placed into a healing Light Box. I did not want to go. I was afraid, and I wanted someone to hold my hand. I was told this was not possible. I was put in, the lid was closed, and I started bawling.

They took me out and had me play on the swings like I did when I was a child and I loved it. I got upset and said, 'this will not do!'

Then I was back in the Light Box again, and I was given a cat to hold. But I am allergic to cats. I never played with a cat in my life, I don't know what to do! So it transformed into a dog, my first puppy, Ottavio. I was also given a soft blue baby blanket by Blessed Mother Mary. As they were closing the lid, I had concerns:

Will I still be me? I want to be me?
My children? My pets?
What will I look like after?

How long am I going to be in here? (it will take a couple of minutes' Earth time to do the transformation, they said.)

Then the dog started talking to me. My, this was DIFFERENT! I thought to myself.But I calmed down. I clutched the blanket and the dog close to me. The dog said it was okay and that I could be there with him the whole time. Not to be afraid. They closed the lid, and I had tears rolling down my face. I trust in the angels/healers/Spirit one hundred percent. It was just new, and frightening. Especially the possible loss of me.

They did not anticipate for me to have a fearful reaction like that. They had to go back to the drawing board on my case, I thought.

Waves of calm flooded over me. I could feel vibrations on a cellular level, like being in a CT scan or an MRI. It did not hurt. By this time I knew enough to let healers do their thing and work on me and not fight it. When they were finished, I got out of the Box.

I was shown my soul's true appearance. My skin was browner, and my nose broader. I did not like my true face and body. I want to look like me, This is too different. I was shown how I could change my appearance at will, and become anything, or any age of me, that I like. I popped back into my present form.

Then I looked at my new body. It was ghostly. I didn't like it. They adjusted something to make the colors more dense, and less see-through. Can I touch things, can I feel? I went to touch my arm and they said, 'Not yet, the paint is not dry enough yet', paint being a euphemism I would understand to describe this cellular crystalline modification process. Inside my body, I felt more like myself. I asked if I would have to pee, and they changed the question. I asked if I would still eat and they said, 'yes, it would be less and not as often.' and changed the subject again.

They put me back into the Light Box, and let me rest. Next thing I knew, I was back into the world of Spirit where I can visit. I am comfortable here. And I felt like me. Pele was there. She had some good advice for me, but I cannot recall what exactly it was.

Then I lay on my back. A healing presence came and held me in a fetal position. I cried. This entity had been in human form once, and understood. They worked with my breathing, and gave me words of reassurance that all would be well.

Then I woke up. I feel the same as I ever was. I look the same. But in my vision, I saw that I am on both realities, one foot in each dimension, the third and the fifth. For the time I was in Agartha and the Light Box, I was entirely in the fifth dimension. Now I am back in the third.

I was guided to write about it for your benefit.


Reiki Doc