Friday, August 10, 2012

Reiki is a Gentle, Loving Presence

Reiki is a Gentle, Loving, Presence. What Reiki means to me:

Reiki is the warm smile I give from my entire being to the patient on their side awaiting sedation for their colonoscopy.

Reiki is knowing everything will be all right, although the last time the patient was seen at the office they were so sick they had to dial the ambulance and take them to the O.R.

Reiki is being flexible in your day, to take the little schedule bumps in stride at the hospital.

Reiki is the joy of friendship that stems from complete and total acceptance of each other's hearts.

Reiki is feeling your child's aura, and knowing to ask what happened to them that hurt them that day--you know intuitively there was a breach in the energy field, and through Reiki and talking, helps it heal.

Reiki is what lets you take rejection in stride, for you trust in everything working for the best from the Universe just the way it is.

Reiki is patience that comes from living multiple lifetimes, and trusting there will be more time to learn that extends beyond the current life.

Reiki is The Divine being Present in every waking moment, a partnership of sorts, to get you through life.

Reiki is a common language between people all over the globe.

Reiki  is happiness, and a way to always tap into the Light, no matter what.
(I used Reiki hands on myself while at the dentist when it hurt)

Reiki is a beautiful relationship between yourself as you experience Earth, and everyone that is or ever was on Earth and Beyond.


Reiki Doc