Friday, August 3, 2012

A Look Behind the Veil

I am going to share for a few moments about the world, and what it looks like (or rather, feels like) to me.

Most notable was yesterday. My youngest sister finally graduated after many years of going to night school to get her certificate as a healer in a traditional mental health industry. The son that I co-parent  has been having issues with his dad. Stuff like dad saying, 'you eat like a pig' that crushes our son's sense of self-worth. Since she specializes in children's mental health, I asked her to come spend some time with him so he could talk.

I gave her a check for her services. At the going rate, more or less, one-hundred fifty dollars. I told her I want to be the first to pay for her services, and that there would be many more checks like this from others as she starts her important counseling work.

She almost cried.

This is the same sister who, ten years ago, when my ex-husband and I went on a trip to England to visit her  while she was an exchange student, had bailed on us. We never saw her. She was 'busy with friends' on a train to Greece! The only reason we went was because before she had left, she was frightened, and made us promise to go visit her. We spent ten thousand dollars on a no-show.

She is my baby sister.

I spent hours with her, helping her grow up. She is a late-life baby for our parents, and I was the firstborn. She wanted to be a counselor since age four. That is when I wanted to be a doctor, age four. But instead of honoring her 'assignment' like me, she went into a different field, and had to go back to night school to be able to be a counselor. Her vibration has gone darker and darker in her life. Now she associates with the lowest of the low, the most fake, the most evil people on the planet, the celebrities and the jet set. The spark we had a long time ago is lost behind a fake tan, too much spinning class, botox, fillers, and plastic surgery.

She thinks she is living the dream. And she looks it. She is nice, and sweet still, I don't know how she managed to do this with her people she chooses to spend time with. And when she can she does make time for family. But I feel sorry, deeply sorry for her. Because her connection to Source is now a trickle.

There is no pain greater to the soul than to be away from Source.

Her dog, on the other hand, her Pomeranian, and I hung out together in the back yard. He LOVED the grass that was chest high on him, and actually RAN! I communicate with him. At first on coming over, his whole body shook. He thought we were going to watch him while his mom went out of town. I gave him a bowl of water, and he relaxed. He got up and down the stairs okay. We went outside. And then, while the other two talked, he just lay down after circling to find the right spot on the living room floor. He smiled. That little dog just smiles. And when it was time for him to go, he did not want to leave. I was wrong about this place, your house is okay. He said.

Who would you prefer to be with? A dog that wears its heart on its paw, loves Nature, smiles, and lets you know it's needs? An animals' programming is different from a human's, and they are huge sources of Love. They do not have a veil. There is NO illusion for them.

Or would you mind to spend time with an illusion of the third dimension success like my baby sister? Someone who you are not quite sure what is going on in their head, someone who is busy with their social life, who cannot see or does not understand the incredible difficulty of my life as a single parent, who has no clue of the changes going on for ascension, and who was once so filled with light it was like an angel full of sunshine in the room?

I can't talk to her. Literally. Our vibrations are so far apart. She has made her soul choices, and I have made mine. The love between us as sisters is the only thing that we have in common, besides a love for our children (hers fuzzy, mine still young).  This was the one who at thirteen wanted to save the Rainforest and was a vegetarian to save animals from painful and frightening deaths. If it wasn't for her example, I would not have found my place where I am. She was right. I got her message.

I wonder if one day she will get my message too? The one she once gave to me so long ago?

The Veil is going to be broken. And when it is, it will break completely, and suddenly. My baby sister is on one side of The Veil: on the illusion side. Her dog and I, are  on the other side of The Veil.  When The Veil is ripped apart in the consciousness of many, the dog and I will be like, whatever! And the people like my sister are going to have their world turn upside-down. It is going to be a shock for them.

Live your life now from your Heart. As best as you can, honor your True Self. And then, when The Veil is torn, you will not be as shaken from your foundation as the others.


Reiki Doc