Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something Very Right

Everything happens for the best. This morning I got a mediumship from a neighbor of mine growing up, who passed away suddenly yesterday. On the surface, it would appear that he passed of obesity. In reality,  as children he had offered himself repeatedly to a sexual predator in our neighborhood  who had threatened to attack me and my little sister if our friend did not comply. He had thought us both beautiful and innocent, and sacrificed himself for us. The damage that it caused to him psychologically led to the over eating, obesity, and wear on the heart.

These are the kind of secrets that people take to their graves. This is what I am trusted with as a medium. And it is my role to decide what to share, and how. As a doctor I am always weighing risk to benefit for every medical decision I make. In mediumship I do exactly the same.

What this soul said is not the same as I told you. I know who this predator is. There is no need to divulge this information. It will hurt the living. The predator is deceased, and on my first sessions with an independent medium, the two of us straightened things out. The predator did not disclose to me at the time about this victim. And the victim told me where, when, and how often in his message to me this morning. Since there are no more kids at risk, I will keep that knowledge to myself.

As more and more of you Ascend, you shall find yourself in a position where you interact with the living, the deceased, the third dimension, and the Ascended dimensions. At first you will be new to your abilities, and excited to use them. Heed caution. It is the careless sharing of information that can cause harm, and rack up karma against you.

Do no harm. Keep your cool. Always weigh risk to benefit before sharing any information for the Other Side. Do not be a bull in a psychic china shop. Try instead to be an anchor of stability, so when the others start waking up, they will turn to you and follow the example that you have set for them.

It will be like popcorn kernels popping, some will awaken first, then some more, then a lot, and winding down to the few stragglers.

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc