Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here is the Deal

You are Consciousness. There never has been, nor shall there ever be, anyone like you. You are a Spark of God that happens to be in the flavor of You. Let us call this Consciousness your Spirit. You are from a Higher Dimension that we can't see. That is Heaven, or Home as Sylvia Browne calls it.

We come Here to Learn. Everybody has a Purpose, Pastor Rick Warren has stated. He is right: all of us sign a Pre-Birth Contract before we incarnate. The arrangements are made on an astral (high dimension) level between you and your parents. Family units are built up of souls who have a lot to learn from one another. Members of a family reincarnate together throughout many lifetimes. Earth is a Soul School of sorts, if you will allow me to find words to explain something on a Higher Dimension that we do not have the ability to describe correctly at this time.

How do you get into a human body? Well, about five months there is your soul attached to the mother by a silver cord, a spiritual umbilical cord. In life this cord is never severed. It is present as long as both are living.

Similarly, while you are on earth, there are always invisible guides (of Higher Dimension) to support your every step.   The guides can be Totems, Ancestors, Guardian Angels, and Ascended Masters. In Reiki at each level of study we are assigned a different additional guide. We get to know them. Mine are, in order, Usui, Mother Mary, Eric from Sirius, and a Hawaiian Surgeon I know. My Karuna Reiki guides are The Buddha and Jesus. Since I am fully awake, I know my Guardian angel, Laetari, and can talk with him. I also know the guardian angels of my kids.

 What is your Mind? Your Intelligence is a part of your Consciousness that stays through lives with you. My deceased father told me through a medium in a session that I got my quick mind from him. My I.Q. Is in the low 150's. In some ways my intelligence sets me apart, especially socially. But while we are incarnated we have an opportunity to learn so much more faster than if we were not on earth. That is why we come. Plus it's pretty!

The Consciousness attaches to the body through an energetic structure of the chakras and this energy flows through the meridians to make Life. There is a silver cord that allows the conscious to leave the body at night. As long as the cord is intact, psychic travel and astral projection are permitted. This is where your dream time lives. Outside and in the higher dimensions. We are alike in this, each and every one of us. The Consciousness interacts at its highest ability through the Heart. We all have a Sacred Heart, just like in Catholicism. It shoots out rays of Light. So do our hands. They pick up/scan it like sensors, as well as to emit (energy medicine like Reiki).

On earth we have been conditioned to trust the Mind. That the brain, the mind, our ego is actually what we are. This is a trick of sorts to get us to be in our minds and not in our hearts. That way as a population we are highly controlled. I see it more and the truth will come out on this subject in time. For now we will say, focus on your Heart of Hearts.

How do we get sick? Let us go back to the birth plan...there is a purpose, an assignment of origin or nationality and placement in a family of birth. If you are to be adopted, that option is written in. Birth plans are designed to give the highest number of good to the souls of the most people. Then there are the exit points. Usually there are five of them planned in. When you are done, you pass. Literally.

Let us say you have cancer. Do not believe all the crap science has taught you. In ten years it may all change, the theory of the cause and the treatment. It could be part of your birth plan, or a lesson to experience before your exit from something else. In this case you should go into your heart and follow it. It will resonate with what is right for your purpose. Some take this assignment to burn off lots of karmic debt. The more angelic ones chose this suffering in order to inspire those that are asleep spiritually. They are generous souls and sacrifice themselves to help others learn. For example, my career in medicine, and my heart as a healer, would not be what it is without all the contact I have had with the sick.

Remember, you are connected toSource. By a big white column of light coming out the top of your head. You mind is like a knob that allows you to filter your life experience. Turn it low, and your creative forces are unbalanced. Poverty, lack, illness and disharmony flow. Crank it up like me, and open yourself to light, abundance and the power to create your life experience.

Up until now, for most all of us, we have not been free to turn the knob. The Cabal, or the Illuminati, have established an elaborate system of control for us to keep us ignorant of this knob. They have twisted facts in science, religion, and given us every possible lie to persuade us to forget our Truth: we have the ability to create. Instead they hoodwink us into believing what is on the news and then we are the ones that make it so! Kind of sick, isn't it?

Anyhow, you are in control of that knob. You always were. You always shall be. Take care to set it at the setting that makes you most happy.


Reiki Doc