Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kohala 7: The Message of License Plates

I have been getting messages from license plates for years. To the intuitive, there can be messages hidden with deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

For example, I began my psychic muscle-building exercises with something as simple as a penny. The one cent copper coins, to me, were my messages from my angels and therefore my Pennies From Heaven.

I worked out a system with them: heads up means Good, Keep Going, Something is Right
conversely, tails up means caution, something isn't right, Stop!

Once I set the rules, my Pennies From Heaven started to show up in the most unexpected places! And always at the right time, with the right direction. There was one time I was out socially with two other medical students. I had a crush on one guy, who had a crush on the other guy, but the other guy was attracted to me and I didn't know it! That situation with too much alcohol had the potential for lots of trouble for me; I did not know them very well, and anything could have happened. At the time, I was clueless. But the pennies showed up on the ground outside the bar in Pacific Beach-FOUR tails up in a row! I got the message, I said I had to go home, and I left. So try using Pennies as a start for your Psychic Development Push-Ups. : )

The more advanced you get, and the more accustomed, messages will start to come from other places. The car radio always seems to find the right song. Just the thing you needed to buy but couldn't afford will go on sale right when you show up. (that one makes me feel very Loved by Heaven, that Heaven would take the time to fill a physical need on Earth). And then there are the license plates.

I have a conference coming up. I wanted to go and get my units. It is a nice conference. Instead of the kind that locks you up in a dark lecture hall for all hours of the day and night (Cardiac Anesthesia, anyone?), the more generic one only takes the mornings up. You are free to enjoy the rest of the day. I desperately need my CME, or Continuing Medical Education Units. When I started to work in private practice several years ago, it was hard to make time to get to conference. We were too short staffed. I had been sitting on the fence for this particular conference. Should I take my family with me, and my mom to watch the kids? Should I go alone, missing them, but being free to get the most out of conference? (I am really feeling a need lately to go set up a table in the afternoon and talk Reiki to my colleagues. In a nice way, of course!) Then I saw it. Kohala 7 license plate on the way home from Ballet. It matched the Guidance I had been hearing, at the same exact instant! (Kohala Coast is where the conference is. It is for one week.) Okay, I get it! I will go. Tomorrow, I get to start looking for coverage, and getting the pendulum out to help make decisions on who stays and who gets to go with me.

Also besides words on the License Plates are the numbers on them. If you notice a series of numbers that comes up on multiple cars, such as 999, make a mental note of it, and you can come home and look it up. Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers 101: the meaning of 111, 123, 444 and other number sequences. is a handy book to keep around. For example, 999 means completion of an important chapter in your life, and it's time to get to work on the next assignment!

I find reading License Plates, finding Pennies, and Feathers (I found two blue ones last week! Woo hoo!), and little messages around as a way to stay connected to my Life Purpose. I always feel time is looking UP, and Spirit is with me. I have something to look forward to on the road ahead when I have my Guidance, both from outside like this, and within.


Reiki Doc