Saturday, September 22, 2012

Signs of Ascension in the Operating Room

The O.R. is not unlike the military: everything is clean, crisp, organized, and efficient. There is a hierarchy in the Operating Room. As an attending physician, I have higher 'rank' than some, and because of that 'rank' I am given a certain amount of respect for it. Our schedule runs like clockwork, or as much as possible in this aim, given emergencies and other unanticipated events that come our way.

As Reiki Doc, I am a Karuna Reiki Master. Because of this, my access to the Higher Dimensions is open. The opening process has a 'cleanse' that has some very particular symptoms. Support is needed by the student as they navigate their own set of changes they experience as they 'move up' in Reiki.

Some of these signs are unmistakable to the experienced Karuna Reiki practitioner, so much so that we fondly call a day with these symptoms 'a Karuna Day'. We change our plans, allow time for this process to happen, ride it out, and know that tomorrow is another day.

Yesterday in the O.R. I saw evidence of multi-dimensionality at work. I didn't say anything to my coworkers, but now I am to you. And looking back, there have been a few coincidences I had not pieced together leading up to yesterday.

The first one that caught my attention was a patient who did not show up for their surgery. 'Wasn't it next week?'. This is a classic symptom: the distortion of the perception of Time. At Reiki class, we have had people convinced their Karuna class was on a Sunday, not a Saturday, and slept in. These are ordinary, responsible people. This patient, was educated and also someone who has undergone surgeyr with us before.

Everyone else shrugged it off, the surgeon saying it was his scheduler, or the patient misunderstanding the options of today or next week given in the preop visit.

But my NEXT case had a patient. But not technician. Sometimes there is special equipment needed for surgery. For example, a laser, or an orthopedic rep, of a neuro-monitoring technician. Efficiency is the bread-and-butter of these support people. Well, one yesterday thought the surgery was on Saturday, not Friday, and didn't come in. The surgeon was angry, shocked, and disappointed. Who wants to come in on Saturday for an elective case? Fortunately the O.R. was able to scramble, and find someone else.

Twice in a row? With two different specialties? That is unusual enough to take notice as a Karuna Master.

What else? There has recently been an abrupt change in the support service to my specialty. I would like to say more, but let us say a 'lower vibration was removed'. It has been Scrub Tech Week at the hospital. Every day, lunch and dinner has been provided by the reps. Nursing is kind, and always invites me to share. Although it was only pizza and sandwiches, I am thankful to have eaten, and not missed a meal. Yesterday for lunch, I had one piece of Hawaiian pizza, and one piece of cheese, avoiding the 'meat on top of meat on top of meat' variety offered. For dinner, the Charge Nurse (the night one, not the day one I have mentioned), asked if I would like her to save a piece for me. Yes, it was leftover from lunch, not fresh. But she asked what I wanted. I said, Hawaiian. She paused, and said, 'I took the last two pieces. I will go write your name on a napkin and give you one of my pieces.'

Nobody has ever given me something that was for them to eat in the Operating Room, EVER.

Kindness, patience, humility, forbearance, Love, Light, honesty, grace, Peace, Truth, and honestly enjoying each other are signs of Spirit. Of multi-dimensionality. Of Light. We are being bombarded with Light at the present. You may not realize it, but it is true.

Here is a quote from a certified negative person in the October issue of Reader's Digest, In the article, 'Forget Happiness': our super-positive society, we have an unspoken zero-tolerance policy for negativity.' Author Augusten Burroughs shares, 'I am not a happy person. There are things that do make me experience joy. But joy is a fleeting emotion, like a very long sneeze. A lot of the time what I feel is interested. Or I feel melancholy. And I also frequently feel tenderness, annoyance, confusion, fear, hopelessness. It doesn't all add up to anything I would call happiness.'

Mr. Burroughs is dysthymic, he is never at the same baseline as others for 'happiness'. He is not clinically depressed, but he is in a mood right above it and under 'happiness'. Energetically-speaking, he is manifesting his own unpleasant environment, much like energetically farting in his own space and complaining about the smell. He is dwelling on, and reinforcing third dimensional behavior.

If you saw Gaia Portal yesterday, the higher energies are being anchored and the lower 3-D and 4-D energies are being 'transmuted by Gaia'. People like Mr. Burroughs are going to go someplace else where they can continue their soul development at a dimensional level that is appropriate for him. There are no winners or losers, Salusa said yesterday. Everyone will reach the Higher Dimensions at the time that is right for their soul and its development.


Reiki Doc

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