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Reiki: Pedigree, Mutt, and Lolo

Reiki is a little bit like the Spanish Language. There are differences in the way it is done, almost as vast a difference as our local Mexican 'Spanglish' from the rapid-fire Espanol of the Puerto Rican that takes all of my concentration to understand. Like Spanish, all of the three forms of Reiki have found their way into the Medical Center. Let's refer to them as Pedigree, Mutt, and Lolo (which means 'crazy' in Hawaiian).

Pedigree Reiki
Pedigree Reiki is the form that has come down directly from Mikao Usui. Hawayo Takata is given credit for taking it to the west. It is giving 'hands on', and is very formal in the hand positions. There are few symbols. The leading Reiki Master on Earth is Willam Rand today. 

Basically, Willam Rand wants nothing to do with anything that is not Pedigree. Letters to him from Mutt Reiki practitioners go unacknowledged. Even though many of these mutts have paid HIM for the Karuna Reiki 'approval', and are registered under his organization. Instead, he sells power point presentations on 'Reiki in Hospitals' for twenty-five dollars:

He also supports people who go into the Hospital and do it a certain way--volunteers who do limited hand positions with consistency that is made to be more accepting to the patient's belief system, and more accepted by the patient's care team. Here is an article from Reiki News where he interviews a 'success', director Mega Mease:
You can learn more about her center at the University of Arizona, Tucson, which she began in June 2006 with two Reiki Masters doing Reiki for two hours on Fridays. Here is a link to her website:

As Reiki Doc, I am in support of not bringing crystals, smudge sticks, and woo woo into the patient room, and staying out of the doctors' and nurses' way. A session consists of team reiki, with two practitioners, one at the head and one at the feet. There are three positions given in fifteen minutes, and no symbols or toning are done in the presence of the patients. Symbols are traced onto the hands before starting a volunteer session, and intoning is done. Patients are given one free session as 'after care', after their release from the hospital, and this session is thirty minutes long. (Prices quotes found across the internet were from $10 to $45 a treatment across the country). What I am against is the mis-use of 'Volunteers' who should in fact be compensated for their services. Hospital administrators take advantage of their gift, however, in the big picture it could be Reiki in the hands of Industry such as big Pharma or Health Insurance, and that would not be a good thing. I leave it to Bill to understand what he is doing, and I trust that for all the good he does in the world and elsewhere (card meditations that are global for peace), he is doing what Spirit has asked.

Pamela Miles has also done exceptional work in creating consistency through Reiki workers and bringing it into the Medical Community.

Mutt Reiki
One of the leaders in the Mutt Reiki movement, which is basically 'everything else besides the Pedigree', is Anne Reith, PhD. A former clinical psychologist, she has been teaching Reiki and Psychic Development in the Southern California Area for over ten years. Anne says 'spirit is spirit' and is accepting of the many different practices of Reiki, from the Shamanic, to Crystal, to her style which is more 'academic'. Her point is that with the various types of Reiki, one of them is bound to 'connect' to the individual, and will set them on the spiritual path that is 'right' for them. I recommend her because her attunements 'take' better than in the rest of the community. Here is a link to her website:

I practice 'mutt' Reiki in the O.R., because of necessity. The consent I get is on a soul-level for Reiki that is given intraoperatively by the patient. Furthermore, as an adjunct to the anesthetic that my patients consent to have from me, Reiki is effective in reducing post-operative nausea and vomiting, and post-operative pain. My BMI 70 bariatric patient was walking in the ICU the evening after surgery, and reported having 'no pain' when I checked on them the following day.

As Reiki Doc, I recommend 'Mutt Reiki' being placed in the hands of health care workers. Here is a quote from Nancy Eos, M.D., an Emergency Medicine Physician in Ann Arbor who is also a Reiki practitioner, "I can't imagine practicing medicine without Reiki," Eos says. "With Reiki all I have to do is touch a person. Things happen that don't usually happen. Pain lessens in intensity. Rashes fade. Wheezing gives way to breathing clearly. Angry people begin to joke with me."

Nancy is the Author of Reiki and Medicine. Here is more of what William Rand has to say about health care workers that use Reiki in their line of work, on the front lines, much like myself:

Lolo Reiki
In the movie, Lilo and Stitch, an alien space creature who is exceptionally violent crash lands to Earth, and is adopted by the little Hawaiian character, Lilo. 'I don't know what kind of a dog that is, but it sure is ugly.' Lolo Reiki is something so advanced, it isn't even called Reiki, and was banished in China in 2001 'for political reasons'.

Medicine-less Hospitals: 'Lolo Reiki' as I refer to it, is actually the practice of ChiLel. This energetic healing is a Qi Gong-like practice, that channels the Life Force Chi, and puts it into the hands of patients. It is invented by Dr. Pang. At the hospital, there is everything BUT medicine. Doctors are called, 'Teachers' and patients, 'Students'. It was not advertised, for the founders were aware that 'people would like proof' and set about to collecting data. They collected data for eight years before the institution was shut down.

Affordable, clean, and efficient, patients checked in and were guided to do energy healing on themselves for several hours a day. There are before and after ultrasound studies of uterine cancer tumors going away. 

Their diagnoses are classified into four categories for statistical purposes.
  1. Cured: Symptoms disappear and appropriate instruments ( e.g. EKG, ultra-sound, X-ray, CT and so on) register normal.
  2. Very Effective: Symptoms almost disappear and instruments show great improvement.
  3. Effective: Noticeable improvements, and student can eat, sleep, and feel good.
  4. Non-effective: No change or even worse.
How do these miracle cures come about? Through four steps:

ChiLel consists of four parts...

  1. Strong belief (Shan Shin): a belief that chi or life energy, can heal all ailments, including one's own. Students build belief by listening to testimonials of recovered patients and learning about chi and its healing effects.
  2. Group Healing (Chu Chong): before a group of students begins ChiLel, the teacher verbally synchronizes the thinking of the group to obtain chi from the universe and bring it down into a healing energy field, shrouding everyone including the teacher himself or herself. The healing effect is enhanced because the group is acting as one.
  3. Chi Healing (Fa Chi): Facilitating chi healing by teachers teachers bring healing energy from the universe to each individual to facilitate healing.
  4. Practice (Lan Gong): Students learn easy-to-follow ChiLel movements and practice them over and over again. The methods, parts of Zhineng qigong, are called:
  • Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method.
  • Three Centers Merge Standing Method.

Here is a link to the original site:

Times like these are EXCITING in the healing community! Just yesterday I learned that Anne's work on her partner, along with the healing that was sent from the local Reiki Community, ovarian cysts requiring surgery disappeared. My mother also speaks highly of Roy Masters, who could accomplish the same type of energy healing with tumor resolution and surgery avoidance, over the phone with callers in the 1970's.

In Summary
We have everything to be looking forward to, with newer technologies due to be released just like free energy with the Keshe Foundation that has recently been given to us. No matter how this health and healing arrive to those that suffer, help is on the way, either by Pedigree, Mutt, Lolo or any other form of Medicine near you.


Reiki Doc