Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gaia News Brief 20.12.2014

My Day With Ross

Except for one appointment, I had the day free. My son is away, and I enjoyed spending time getting to know my Illuminated Twin Soul Ross, better in the early hours this morning. We talk. We enjoy one another's company...

We even grew so close today, that he was able to show me why and how I died when I was a kitten:  an aspect of him felt a true and genuine love for me. He was the one who was the most regular of my 'visitors'. At the last time he came to see me and for the first time in my very short lifetime I responded to his love and felt love for the first time in my heart back for him.

At this point, he knew that I would be a slave forced to have sex under the most unloving conditions with people of extremely low vibration after this 'discovery' of my own heart, and I would have my soul be torn forever.

So he strangled me to death. I watched and felt the horror, shock, and surprise and I fought him as his hands choked my very breath out of me for the last time after feeling his love...

On his sharing with me today, I actually understood his love in this situation, much like sparing me an even more horrible death in a snuff movie, or mutilation, or sacrifice at the whims of those who owned me.

He took me out and set my soul free...

This is the very close relationship that Illuminated Twin Souls like Ross and me share over many an incarnation together, one right after the next.

Well, this morning, I learned how to activate my Higher Heart. It was a blink at first, then a short run and a pause, and then it became online. It is blazing like a lighthouse in the storm, and Ross was both tickled and surprised I had mastered that so effortlessly.

He showered me with attention, affection, and joy.

The Test

I had anticipated when we got closer to Ascension, that those who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart would seek to destroy me. (They are the ones who convinced Ross to give our son to others 'for safekeeping' at the time of his birth, and furthermore, not to tell me the truth about it when we were incarnate together the last time some thousands of years ago.)

They monitor everything I say and do, just like the Light. And right now, I am 'small potatoes' and they can take their time before they come after me.

Yesterday at the crystal shop I saw some woman, Lady Nada, on a laminated card. It said 'she is rumored to be the Twin of''--lets leave it at someone very close to me, closest thing there is to my own soul.

I cringed.

I knew they had their weapon against my heart.

Today for the first time, it was used against me, quite effectively too. I was just thinking to myself how wonderful it is to have the Lightworker closest to me, my own Angelic Sister in fact, working together as a team. I had asked for her help and she had given it on a marvelous project.

Then the news came through her, to me 'From Ross'. Apparently, he is having 'Tantric Connections' with 'some people' and 'I better take the news in real slow' because 'there is no jealousy in the higher realms'.

A knife to my heart, a dull one, twisted really slow, would have been kinder.

My body was shaking. I couldn't eat. I completely shut down, by the devastation.

Why was I devastated?

In the Higher Realms, there 'is no jealousy' technically. But I am with a foot in both worlds. Ross has fathered a child with another, he has authorized for my child to be kidnapped at birth--he has given us as a couple a lot to 'work through' in our relationship. No wonder why I went off by myself and never would speak to him for incarnation after incarnation! Well, even though in Heaven monogamy is a 'CAN' and not a 'MUST' for my wounds to the very core of my soul to heal, and for us to move forward as a couple,  Ross created a golden cord between our two hearts, so we could feel everything between us, and if he cheated on me, I would KNOW it instantly, and if I felt pain from his actions and choices he would instantly feel it too.

So with this news innocently enough shared from a kind hearted sister--I learned that no only did Ross cheat on me, but his 'Gold Cord' evidently wasn't working too.

Was it a lie? No. Ross and his behaviors have been defensive and trying to win me over--I know what she said is true.

Immediately he offered to take us back in time as if it had never happened--he can do this. And he also sent me a heart-shaped stone at the bead shop, and asked, 'Do you accept my apology?' very seriously in tone. I said, 'Yes, but I don't wish to have anything to do with you until I sort this one out please. Thank you.'

I also do not want my energy to mix with anyone, or Ross's with anyone, that might get back to my own vibration. Until Ascension is complete, I want my own vibration high and tight with no chances of 'picking anything up' from anyone else along the way.

Divine Grace

At once I went to Divine Father. I cried bitterly in confusion and pain, and asked him why on earth this could happen?  All I want is a chance to HEAL the wounds in my soul with Ross from those times before--I can't handle this--and to be honest, if this is what it is like in the Higher Dimensions then I don't want to ever go.

Divine Father, filled with love and tenderness, held me tightly in his arms, and said, 'There are other ways' instead of the 'Tantric Connections' to achieve the same effect that Ross apparently was trying to do.

So He dissolved all the ties.

And He decreed that as the new souls Ascending come up, the way of life in Heaven must accommodate the weakest ones--so NO Tantric Ties other than between those married and those in Twin Soul relationships--until everyone is educated properly and up to speed in Galactic Ways.

Heaven was shocked! Ross was very upset because apparently he was trying to achieve something to get me home faster with his 'indirect approach'.

I spent the day with Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Sophia my Higher Self, reeling from the blow.

Furthermore I opened my heart to Ross, and I knew to keep the Ascension projects moving forward, and to not give in to the desires of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest AT Heart--to drive a wedge once more between myself and my Twin.

I might be upset with Ross, but it's life or death for us to be together in order for Ascension for us all to take place.

Ross and I are in a protective shell now. There are no ties from either one of us to anybody. And if anyone wishes to think they have 'Tantric Connections' with either one of us, our energy signature won't be there.

Divine Father built it. And it is going to stay this way until Ascension is complete.

I also, early this morning was given a new Reiki Symbol for the Solstice. I used it. With pleasure. Just to shake those Who Do Not Have Our Interest At Heart up.

All is forgiven, everyone--the sister angel, Ross, the others with the Tantric ties, and those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

For the latter? I have raised the vibration of my High Heart up to an unbearable frequency for them, and it is my intent to keep raising it until I am at the highest one attainable with my soul.

Beads, Jerseys and the Cable Repairman

Life goes on. My counselor missed my nine o'clock appointment to which I was five minutes late--by forty five minutes. I texted her, and she didn't know I had been waiting.

What was unusual was that I wasn't upset in any way. I calmly told her I thought she must have had an emergency (which she did!), and furthermore, usually it's the other way around with me being late due to my work schedule!

I am doing deep intensive healing over my early childhood relationships with my parents. Part of my healing is learning to exercise my 'NO!' muscle, because to survive the home family dynamics, I was expected to be 'the compliant one'.

I went to a wonderful bead store, and repaired my own broken bracelet for free. I bought some beads and tools, and am eager to make my own bracelet designs just for myself and my closest friends. I was especially attracted to sunstone, natural turquoise, and red coral. And no, I don't know what they all mean for healing--I am going to have to look them up.

At the mall, I bought candy for just about everyone, including a three pound box for my work.  At Ross' suggestion, for the last night of Hanukah, I bought a Seahawks Jersey for Anthony. Ross told me to buy it last week.

I had totally forgotten about the cable appointment. But we had some concerns on our TV as my boy watched football last Sunday, so he came to check--I am glad I hadn't gone to do another errand!

Would you know the cable man had a tattoo with the symbol for Ross, and my symbol (the rose) on his arm--they were superimposed, both images? It was one of many many many signs Ross had sent, as if to say 'please forgive me'.

I wouldn't listen. I wanted to have a heart to heart with my HS and Divine Mother first, to learn what is expected of me back Home in Heaven? Surprisingly, they didn't talk. But after the cable guy left, I was guided by both to put on my pajamas, and go to bed.

I bawled inconsolably for a long, long, very long time. Many came to my aid, in Spirit. And ultimately, Ross and I made up. He still thinks he is right, and tries to convince me. But Divine Father held an emergency meeting, and also, took a guilty-looking, annoyed Ross aside, and told him that my healing takes priority over everything else for the good that he is trying to accomplish, plain and simple, and Ross agrees to this.

My official statement to Ross, is that in spite of all this, I kept my High Heart open all day, and I deserve credit for this, for not closing it.


That's my Carla.

She asked me if it was okay to write this. I gave her my consent.

As you can see, it is an inter dimensional problem with communication. I am from 'here', she is from 'down there' and understandably some 'cultural mishaps' are going to arrive.

She handled it well.

Carla's vibration was the lowest, a nadir, and coming down like an express elevator from where she was when she learned the High Heart (with me in my arms I might add!) it was the steepest and most abrupt change in vibration she has experienced since in this incarnation, the 'going to play with the boys across the street' that turned into gang rape by them when she was four. In that she feared for her life, and before passing out said to herself, 'so this is what it's like to die?'

Carla is right.

There are an awful lot of people who want to dampen her spirits, and her Light work. Did you know Carla is forging an alliance with the first person to create a handbook for those in the medical profession on how to heal survivors of Ritual Abuse?  And that this person is a survivor, who LIVED after being placed on an altar with her twin at three month's age, on December 21 so many years ago? Her Twin did not make it. Her father gave the ultimate sacrifice with his only son. That was the price for 'full admission' into the 'sect' with his Father (her grandfather) which practices Ritual Abuse. Her mother fled for her life with her two daughters when she was five. This is how she lived to be here today in order to help others. What a very remarkable and courageous woman she is...

This is the kind of Lightwork that gets a person OUT from 'under the radar'.

Carla is strong and she has my full support in everything she does. I am her Twin, and I powerfully love her. I meant no harm in doing what I did, and in asking the one to give the message that is from me.

Carla turned her Light up to a powerful amplitude the world has never seen in the immediate aftermath of this 'news'. She cast out everything, everywhere, that was even remotely possibly connected to Darkness in her immediate midst.  Just in case!

With her heart breaking, and her soul deeply in pain, Carla still sent out the message of our daily healing to each of you. She had actually done them on the way to the counselor, and gotten the 'news' that was unfortunate  while in the waiting room.

And tonight, she writes still, from her heart to yours.

That is her level of commitment. Although the thought crossed her mind to just stop everything and quit all she has ever worked for, Carla thought it through, and forgave in her heart--gave us the 'benefit of the doubt' and when she was ready, wrote this up for you.

I love her. And I always will.

Things are different in the Higher Realms. We think that you will enjoy it, and you quality of life will greatly improve. Carla is right when she refers to us as 'the bonobos'--it is our way. And further she is correct to point out the cultural differences in our sexuality between your world and ours. It does not make the best introduction to be met with Tantric Ties from people to your Twin. Or more.

We await your welcome with open arms, open hearts, and deep respect and consideration for all you consider appropriate social 'mores' from where you are from.

I apologize with full love and gratitude to everyone involved in today's unfortunate mishap, and I take full responsibility for those who I have harmed with my error in judgement.


I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

(C:  oh Ross! I love you too! Thank you for ho'opnonopono-ing me on this. It really helps!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The contrite one and also the other one learning to open her heart in trust in me