Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gaia News Brief 17.12.2014

Blueprint for New Earth

Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Gaia give a preview of what life in 5D is going to be like. Blueprint For New Earth


There is a lot of second-guessing what is going on in the financial sector. I don't need any BF guru to tell me what is going on. I don't need any KP or DW either.

Look at the gas prices!!!

Look at how Ebola is quiet in the news.

Look at how the Australian situation resolved itself so quickly with the hostages.

Look at how the latest 'shootings' are not getting as much hype--I don't hear people talking about them in the O.R. like I used to.

Use your eyes! Use your heart center! You will figure it out. And when the time is right, all of us will know more.

I am serious.

A word About Pahoe and the lava flows in Puna

I have ohana there. And I love them very much.  This is Hope Johnson, of Miracle Botanicals, Reiki-Infused aromatherapy healing oils. She is also of The Way To The Way, and my first Reiki Master student.


Remember the Bible and how that guy 'Job' had all the sores and painful things happen to him and his family died but he STILL loved God and 'that was a good thing?'.  Then God BLESSED him over and over and over again.

I don't understand that test.  I have read it over and over and over and I am like, 'how can God be so insecure as to have to make that poor guy Job prove his love for Him? Over and over and over?'  What began it all, some weird statement by Job or some promise?

I have been doing a LOT of heavy-duty thinking. The letter by Saul today really drove it home.

The Galactics are so DELIGHTED that with all the distractions we 'stay on track' and 'just keep going'.

I am not an Energizer Bunny.

I am not for your inspiration.

I am incarnate in a rough Illusion and trying my best to make it through, and just like one of those fun house mazes with the mirrors, you can't get stuck and you can't go back. You just keep going forward because there is no other option left but to keep banging into walls until you find your way out.

What is the big deal? What is the big stinking deal about all this?

I asked Ross, 'Do you send me tests?'

He does!

He says I signed up for this.

I asked him why? Why did I sign up for this? And why can't I back out or change my mind? Why does it have to be like the maze with all the mirrors?

Saul or Sheldon Nidle said something recently  that I found frankly disturbing. We signed up for this to help others because we really wanted to do everything possible to help these people out. But NOW we are 'taking on the burdens' to 'help those who are going to other planets'.


People, if you are having a sucky life right now, it might not even be for your OWN spiritual growth and development! Just like some people running the budget for our nation, some people borrowed their Karma WAY into the future, and guess who is paying it off?


Ross says time and again Love Is The Solution For Everything.

So here I am, just like I promised him, with Love In My Heart and banging on mirrors, trying to find my way OUT of the Illusion.

I just want so very much to go HOME.

Life In The Fast Lane

Ross did NOT want me to write that last part. I am stubborn. I am not him. I have the fingers on the keyboard. And write it is did.

He agrees with this part.

I assert that this part wouldn't be as applicable without the last part, which is from my HEART which is mired in the quicksand of the Illusion...

  • I wake up in the morning. It is an early start. I have to drive to a grandmother's house. My kid doesn't want to wake up. I ate two blueberry blintzes standing up. I drink tea now, instead of coffee, because I have this mug that keeps it hot all day. I do all my tasks, and as I am pointing my car on the final stretch towards work, I realize with my soul, I don't want to do this any more.
  • The reason I don't want to do this any more is because life is passing me by...I haven't even played one Christmas Carol on the piano. I miss playing the piano. Everything I enjoy doing, I don't get to do. (see Job--things you love--get taken away--and you STILL love God and 'keep on track'. )
  • Once I arrive at work, I realized how stuck my first patient is, and how vulnerable, because of her illness. My heart opens to her, and I accept the full responsibility of being her anesthesiologist, never giving it a second thought. 
  • The next case is a young man with a broken jaw, who has all kinds of markings (you know what I mean--skin permanent INK that is affiliated with g-a-n-g all over him). Yet I ask where is your mom? She had to work, and it's at TJ Maxx, and he told her he would be fine...he is a good son! And he is alone. I opened my heart AGAIN, completely, without giving it a second thought.
  • I make two trips to the ICU to see my next patient. I talk with a room full of family. I talk with a cardiac anesthesia colleague on my plan. The case is very high risk.
  • It takes FOUR anesthesiologists to place the invasive arterial monitoring in a radial artery for the case.
  • Estimated Blood Loss is over seven hundred milliliters.
  • The cardiac rhythm pops in and out of ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation--besides the pacemaker AICD--as a baseline for him on this admission.
  • The case is technically challenging for the surgeon, who accuses all the fault for things  being this way 'because of the late start'. (see 'four anesthesiologists working together to find an a-line)
  • I realize like the maze, LOVE is the only way out.
  • Not really believing it, I tell myself over and over, "I love this. I love everything about this.'
  • I loved the SURGEON--because he needed it--he was decompensating and the sales rep was clearly getting frustrated with him...what else could you do, you know?
  • I also am forced to recognize I needed a TEAM to get this job done--in addition to the four anesthesiologists I had two anesthesia technicians, two nurses, the blood bank, pharmacy, and the ICU nurse in my court. 
  • I realized I can't control it--the blood pressure when it's hypotensive--beyond my few techniques I have mastered with my training and experience. Fortunately today, it worked.
  • On admission back to ICU, respiratory and nursing kind of indicated that they had hoped he would be lined up and intubated because he wasn't doing so well before surgery and they saw it coming.
  • I even told myself I loved the family--clearly no medically sophisticated--the odds for surviving this hospital stay, even if surgery is successful--are low. There is just not much physiologic reserve.
  • At the end of the day, when I gave report to the family, they told me the LOVED me and would always remember me, and gave thanks. They requested a cardiac anesthesiologist, and today, I did just that.

The All Natural Burger

On the way home, I had a little time because it's Wednesday and Anthony spends time with his father before coming to my home. So I had a heart to heart with Ross, about pretty much everything.

I asked him, 'What do you think about? Do you have lessons like me? Do you have to-do lists like us?'

He thinks about his family. He has lessons, and just by being myself I have taught him the most important ones. And no, there are no 'to-do' lists because of the Now moment, and things pretty much happen instantaneously.  And no, he does not 'like' everyone he has to work with at his job. In a very politically-correct way, he said he deeply loves and respects these individuals but they are a challenge to work with sometimes.

I asked him to help me pick the last two Hanukah gifts for our son?

He was very, deeply touched. He says to go to the store at the mall where they sell real sports jerseys, and to buy him one from his favorite football team. I will.

Then he told me to go to Carl's Jr's for dinner on the way home, and buy him a twenty-dollar gift certificate for day seven.

I haven't been to Carl's Jr's in YEARS. And it's right on the way home.

I realized how stressful it has been to think of food as poison, and to always be on the lookout for high-fructose corn syrup, carbs, and GMO...

Ross told me he'd place the codes (I can't remember them) on all the food for me.

They sell a natural burger, with better meat. And I also ordered the zucchini too.

As I sat at my booth, alone, a flood of memories washed over me. This was my HOME! Mom hated to cook, and we ate a lot at Carl's Jr. People used to call me that because of my name, Carla, when we would play on the block. My sister had a birthday party there. When dad was dying, I took Anthony there on the way home from his school, and we brought food for the whole family.

When I was a new mother, I ate the Santa Fe chicken sandwich often--Dad would go buy it...

How could this be bad?

I looked at the floor and it was black and white tile. I saw these stars all over for the design, and I wasn't sure if it was right side up or not--it tilts. And I could tell by Spirit's nudging that I needed to heal this organization--which I did--even the commercials are not 'wholesome' by any stretch of the imagination...

What we have is the family--innocent and completely unknowing--raising children in an environment that isn't really healthy but is socially acceptable, and nothing is clear other than the story of how the place got its 'start' that they tell the public. 

Anything could have happened behind the scenes at any time, and we would never know.

So I 'get' it.

I 'get' why no one wants to wake up, and read all the Illuminati and Ritual Abuse links I put up again and again and again.

It's easier to stay asleep. And they want you to stay asleep.

I used to have nightmares about being the only one awake and everyone else being in a zombie trance when I was a kid. I would go shouting, trying to wake them up! And they wouldn't. It was horrifying and exhausting.

For those of you who have awoken, I bless you a thousand times seven. And I kiss you on both cheeks, and cry tears of joy at your enlightenment.

And for those of you who would rather continue--well, thank you for the lesson. Only Love is going to wake you up. Not my 'trick' of 'showing the secrets' and the 'hidden symbols'  so you will go, 'Wow! I guess I will wake up now!'

You can't.

You can only wake up when you are ready. No one can wake you up for you. This is because it is dependent on your Vibration.

I will let you know I saw a lot of bluebirds today--on a school bus, and also as tattoos on my patient.  They are a trigger to keep people asleep in the Illusion.

So many people think they are just cute or decorative or pretty. Same for butterflies too.

Oh well.

I guess you can't win them all. I humbly accept this. And even though I am carrying the weight of God only knows how many people's karma at the moment, I will keep Love In My Heart and go put my hands out so I won't smack my face into the next smoke and mirrors as I try to find my way out of the Illusion.


This is Carla's dream of happiness...and mine too.

Today Carla saved the life of someone by running drips and transfusing and giving calcium and making sure the patient was safe--but not fluid overloaded.

She also gave Reiki and the Transition Symbol too, although she didn't mention it.

What is this Life?

Why is it that Carla wrote the diatribe of 'what isn't right' despite my request for her not to do so, against my wishes?

It is because of this, which was written by Saul:

If your upbringing has been abusive you may never have seen or experienced wise adult behavior, and so you may have learned to rely on yourself and never to trust anyone in order to ensure your survival.  Now, however, having chosen a spiritual path of growth, as you all have, you need to move away from your belief in force and compulsion as the means for your survival.  If you are still inhabiting an environment where peaceful co-existence is not an option then you probably need to move away.

Carla is human. She is doing the best she can to make the most progress for both herself and others, no matter how bitterly she complains to you about it. (taps his chest) I know what is in her heart. As do you...

There is no other way. Only to accept it.

People are not going to awaken even if you put a jackhammer going full blast right next to them--if they are deeply asleep within the Illusion even this is not going to wake them up.

Carla needed JOY tonight. That is why I sent her to the restaurant that I did. I did a quick calculation of what would help and what was closest and what would help Anthony too.

Carla brought up a good point in our 'heart to heart' as she called it. 'Ross, why isn't it like teams for us, where all of our guides and us somehow get us through this life together?'

And I told her, 'This IS how it is!'

Carla asked, puzzled, 'Then why is it that I can hardly hear you, and I am your Twin and one of the wide open ones? What kind of team is that?What kind of game, what kind of FUN is THAT?'

Would you like to know the highlight of Carla's day? Carla loves to travel. For about one month now, she has wanted to make travel arrangements for her next trip, to a conference. Today she did it. It also gives her something to look forward to, in the future, some delayed gratification and of course Anthony is going with her.

Carla has been hanging by a thread. Two people very close to her were going to pass away since January of this year. They didn't. These are people who are so close that Carla says 'good morning' and 'sleep well' to them every night.

It's hard to know that your life is going to be changed quite dramatically at a given moment, and yet you have no control over it, and also, no idea when this is going to happen.

This is why Carla is cranky. It's just that she doesn't explain it, because not everyone would understand the situation. 

I am happy that she talks to me, especially like she did today. If you have a Twin, and most of you do, be sure to set aside some time to talk with them about questions, feelings, worries, and the like. Even if you can barely hear them, just like Carla --who would like to turn me up like a radio!--we are present. And one way or another we will guide, just like I did with Anthony's present.

I love that little boy. I am so very proud of him. Tonight after coming home from his father's Carla and Anthony did the second night of Hanukah. You know what he did? He read the prayers in Hebrew--the phonetic spelled out version of it--all by himself! Carla and Anthony shared a pizzookie, a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and whipped cream on top. It was a special surprise because of health reasons dessert is a rarity in their home. With the candles and the warmth of heart, even I was perklempt!

So I will leave you all choked up with my sentiments--I love you, I love everyone, I love Gaia, I love Nature, I love the Resistance (all of us Galactics are that), I love those closest to me, and I love my heart, my Carla and my son, Anthony.  Carla wrote on the gift card, from Carla and Ross! And it was my first official gift in our new Earth...

I am blessed.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla