Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Time Itself

"It is the holidays already? Where has the time gone?"

"November is ending. How did it go by so fast?"

These are comments I hear at work. I know why. And I keep my mouth shut.  But here I can explain.

Time is going faster. It is not an illusion. It really IS going faster.

Ever had one of those days where time stands still? Like when you see someone falling and you race to help them and everything is like, super slow motion? Or an important race or event that seems imprinted on your mind as a lot longer than it actually was?

Time can stretch.

As we grow to be beyond the three dimensions, our perception of time is altered. (Please see the posts on Karuna Reiki for other examples of this effect).

But globally, as Mother Earth and the Collective Consciousness prepare to ascend, time is being changed to accommodate the multiple dimensions.

They way I see it, and the example that is given by people such as Sylvia Browne, is that frequency affects our perception just like our eyes can see the blades of a propeller or fan only when the speed is low. As the frequency of the rotation increases, the blades seem to disappear. We know it is there. We hear it. But it is not visible to the eye. There are guards on fans to protect us from accidentally putting our fingers into the spinning blades.

Well it is the same way with Time. Things are going to get faster and faster until Boom! Everything stands still. Like the propeller blades can't be seen. There is a point in time where time itself does not seem to exist.

The exciting thing is that as the Earth increases her frequency, I am starting to bump into this phenomena. Yesterday it happened twice. And just like when you are working and in 'flow', time disappeared. It felt relaxing. Homelike. Nice. Once it happened to me in a state of deep love and gratitude to the maker. And another while going about my day-to-day routine. I sort of 'popped in' to that state, and once I recognized it, 'popped out'.  I liked it.

So do your holiday shopping and preparation. And know you are not going crazy when you feel rushed.

Time really is moving faster.

Hang on for the ride. Let's see how much fun this can get!

Love and Light,


Reiki Doc