Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Without Rest

Today I am on OB. Labor and delivery, putting in epidurals and doing c sections.

My day I asked to work was yesterday. I worked that day too. Twenty four hours. I never went home.

Do you know that those work hour restrictions that are for residents in training are not in effect once you graduate?

Right now I am held hostage to The Favor Bank.

Want to go on vacation? Get sick? Need to go home early to see a school activity that is important to your kid?

Ask a favor of a buddy.

For being sick and making a friend work an extra twenty four hours for me (forty eight straight for him) I got to stay late on my only day of the week early, get my kid to be after ten because the babysitter could not get him to do his school project, come in post call on another day to let him go to a meeting about the new group (there is a coup), and split work across two days so he can go do plastic surgery and "optimize his income". But the catch is he booked himself at another hospital that night. So I get to work thirty six hours straight.

Good thing my son is out of town, isn't it?

And the favors aren't enough. He wants another split next week and I said no. There is no school or daycare. He pressured and said he would pay the babysitter if I did it. I just want to stay home. I work Christmas day and am post call Christmas Eve. The whole point of this schedule was to make myself available to be home to spend time with family.

He has threatened me to " make it so you never find work in The Area" , and is trying to take over the group.

Senior partners are trying to cash in on favors at the last minute, asking me to work from ten to two on a Saturday. Or to stay late and do an appy at eight at night.

So you wonder why I am not cheerful when I take care of you late at night? If it wasn't for a slow night I would not be functioning now. Thankfully the section is at eight instead of seven.

Time for breakfast.

Spirit says to follow your heart, and the path to your true hearts' desire then is guided by Spirit and effortless to follow.

I am trying to figure this out.

When I medicate, I get "hang on for one more day. Hang on"

I will.

Like me, your doctor may be sleepy. I set off all the drowsiness monitoring system in the car on the way home from the time share. It blows cold wind in your face, and beeps when you veer lanes.