Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From an OB Doctor on the Mind and Healing

Here is a website blog and a video link you may enjoy.   www.owningpink.com

This woman came to her own 'perfect storm', left medicine, and came back with a new philosophy on healing.

She is appealing to the mind of her listeners with her heart and a message that 'makes sense'.

Her story is good.

We can do one better.

I can diagnose an imbalance without a twenty-page intake questionnaire. I do it in seconds. And I adjust the energetic imbalance, I tip it, toward health, in minutes. And I do not charge a cent. My patients wake up happy, and do not know why.

But I trust they are 'on their way' to greater healing.

'When something goes bad in your life, you either grow, or grow a tumor.' she says. She grew.

But even those with tumors can grow too. They need it most. They need it most. They need it most.

Reiki is not better than what this woman is saying. However, from an energetic point of view, her method counts on conscious redirection to balance based on the the 'inner pilot light'.

The Reiki Doc method is unconscious, and works toward the same end result.

Have a good day and Namaste,

Reiki Doc