Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year to You : )

I saw the Dalai Lama cry today. On YouTube. A Buddhist friend had posted it on Facebook.

He was speaking in Tibetan with English subtitles. He cried when he spoke of his life, and his memories. He said the compassionate heart is armor to protect you through this life, in transition, and also on rebirth. A good Attitude attracts good things.

Today I functioned at my highest capacity as an evolving anesthesiologist. We did five c sections in a row, followed by a morbidly obese no compliant diabetic that needed two epidurals. The last one just delivered. I have been go go go since five a.m. To now, at eleven thirty at night. Compassion was there. Technical accuracy was there. Speed and efficiency. Interpersonal skills.

When a family wants to take my picture with them, I am flattered. I always do a Shaka with my hand and smile behind the mask. Come to think of it, Reiki is a lot like Aloha. It is a way of life that is good to others as well as yourself.

How did I make this path, from struggle and desire to be a doctor, to awkward years in training, to training others, and now doing this? That makes me cry. The grace and blessing after all that fight. I was poor. I lived in a bad neighborhood. I paid my own way. There were divorces and shattered dreams. And through all of this there was hope and beautiful moments...made sweeter by their unexpectedness.

Everything happens for the best. And when you truly believe it, work hard, keep your vibration up, you start to manifest. Things happen. Pop up. Out of the blue that are wonderful! I did not go hungry today. Through all the hustle and stress, I ate. I sat down for lunch with one of my favorite dental surgeons. I did sudoku, late in the day. And for the first time, after months of praying for it, peace at my work (with the embezzler) may be on the horizon.

Paulo Coelho said today, "2012: time to remove shady people from your life."

Isn't that empowering? Does that not give hope? So keep your heart open, like the Dalai Lama advises. And follow Paolo Coelho's recommendation. Look back on your growth and your life experience. Let's let the good times roll in 2012.


Reiki Doc