Friday, December 9, 2011

Reiki and Working with Spirit

Remember the glass house maze at the county fair? Remember how finding your way through takes every bit of instinct and assessment you have? And how sometimes you have to bump into a wall to get the passage through right?

Same is with Spirit.

Yesterday, upon awakening, I got the message: watch out for symbols today. Waking up gives me the most powerful messages. This one was from my first Reiki guide. It felt like a fun challenge, made with love and hope for my development.

I was struck by coincidences all day. My first patient had the first name as me. "I like your name!" I told the patient. We laughed together when she figured out the joke. 

The second, from her bed in pre-op, asked, "How am I going to pay you for all this? Is it extra?" I was floored! I said I submit billing to my billing company, and they talk you your insurance. Sometimes there is a copay. But I am glad you asked. Cash patients, without telling me at this moment, or paying, can get services for free and take advantage of me. (Actually, we have a discount for cash for paying promptly. If insurance has to bill them at home it costs twice as much). But the caring impressed me, how she wanted to make sure all was cool with us before she went to sleep.

The last had the same birthday as me.  And a huge smile although she did not speak any English. This was her first operation.  I tried my best to make it a good experience for her.

I gave Reiki to them all:

Patient number 1:  long entrenched patterns of the thought, 'there is not enough. I go without.' I shook it up with Deeksha to heal the karmanic debts. I balanced the chakras. And I gave soul-directed healing through a special form of Reiki that is used for that.

Patient number 2: still healing over terrible abandonment by a spouse while she was most vulnerable. I gave her Reiki to help the body adjust to this shock, and to heal instead of manifesting this illness. I took extra care to make sure she woke up in no pain and with no nausea.

Patient number 3: this one had the most physical internal damage. Surgery was so difficult it had me on the edge of my seat, watching. The surgeon bailed because everything was stuck to everything. Did only that which needed to be done and got out. For this patient, I 'kicked it upstairs'. I did Reiki closely guided by my intuition, requesting help from my Guides in the Spirit World to help this poor patient. I gave everything I knew to help calm the mind, the emotions, the body, and to make a higher purpose clear. My guides checked for negative entities, and took them out, protecting her. I gave the transition symbol, just in case, for down the road this patient may have need of it. 

All of this was driven by my heart.

And where is the difficulty in that?

Others are representations of ourselves. Other beings represent to us that which needs to be healed. People that annoy you do so because they pique your ego on something you don't like about yourself. Things you think are cute and adorable ARE those exact things you like about yourself.

It is illusion.

Life is illusion. It is seen through the eyes. But the heart knows the truth.

A fundamental principle of Reiki is that you heal yourself as you are healing others. The straw benefits from the universal light healing energy that is flowing through it to the patient. So in working today with others, I healed myself with the same lovingkindess that I offered to them.

For my start in life without abundance. I was poor and didn't know it. But on some level I did. That's what drove me to be a doctor. That I could barter my services for chickens and eggs if needed. That I would never starve.

For my horrible relationships that tore out my heart. I stopped trying. Really. I am open but not seeking. It has been that rough.

And for my health, with the terrible campylobacter jejeuni that keeps coming back once the antibiotics are gone. And with my other painful ailments. I am of flesh. And bone. And one day I will transition too.

How are you going to go through the smoke and mirrors in others that makes up your day? What are you going to learn and apply to yourself? What signs and symbols might be there to help you?

Only you can go forward on your Task that is the Life we Live.


Reiki Doc