Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reiki and the School Bully

"Daycare was not good, Mom."

"What happened?"

"Keith was trying to hurt me. He followed me and tried to push me into the fence."

"Did teacher see?"


"What did you do?"

"I pushed him back."

This conversation was like a dagger to my heart. It is starting. All of the stress of being with other kids at school. My baby is growing up. A large boy, who takes after his father, who has been the target of the weak to 'overcome and show that they are strong'. We have a little Ferdinand the Bull. And due to his size, people are picking on him. His little mind was going a mile a minute, and he wouldn't stop talking.

I gave him Reiki at bedtime. Part of the beauty of Reiki is that you can assess first, and then heal. Kind of like in Allopathic Medicine--try to figure out what is going on with history, physical, tests....and then treat. What I saw was a very slow red and orange chakra, with a  top-heavy overactive head and throat. I balanced and gave reiki to calm the mind, to calm the emotions, and to reconnect to Earth. 

I also gave a full Karuna reiki treatment, with toning sounds. This made him giggle but was intended to heal the soul.

All of this took about five minutes. Reiki flows fast through me. And it is good, to keep it flowing. When it gets 'backed up', a lightworker can feel out of sorts. I blog every day because of this, too. To keep everything flowing.

The advice I gave my son, I will share with you. In holiday season, it is very easy to become a little flustered and lose your connection to ground, that is, Mother Earth. Here are some grounding tips:

1) Drink a glass of water.
2) imagine a tail coming out of your tailbone. Have it reach deep down through earth to the very core, and wrap on it for stability. Imagine the same with roots out of the soles of your feet.
3) Omit needless thoughts. Negative ones. Fear. Pluck them out of your mind so they will have less power on you.
4) Eat root vegetables--beets, radishes, carrots, potatoes to reestablish your connection to earth
5) Take a bath with bath salts in it.

Happy Holidays!

If you have a bully at your work, or school, or place of  worship, put them in their place.  Their Reiki place, outside of you. Send them love from your heart (it will drive them crazy and heal them at the same time), be kind, gentle, and firm in your dealings with them. And imagine a cocoon of protective white light around you to keep their harm away. Enjoy your bliss in safety, both the physical and mental, and of course the spiritual too.


Reiki Doc