Monday, December 5, 2011

On What is Holy

My dear brothers and sisters in Spirit, I love you. For trying to grow. There is a beauty and an innocence to it, perhaps I am too fond of old movies where the plot is to show one how good life is. But it is, if you make it so. In your mind.

There are a lot of powerful influences out there right now. In the media. With tradition. With friends. And family. All of this holiday spirit might either pull you away from, or solidify your perspective with your Path.

Your True Calling awaits.

What I don't understand, is how the Path can sometimes be a moving target. I feel just the way I did when someone was teaching me to swim across the pool. Just swim to me. Just swim to me! they encouraged while they were slowly walking back. For me, the accomplishment is simply not worth the trick. And I resent it. But with a lot of work, I can see that there was no harm intended, only a very simplistic way to teach.

You are each in your own individual reality. Some realities, such as in a family, may overlap. But your life is yours to live, and not anyone else's.

The only answer is to go within your heart.

I have been worrying. About the new car. I don't think that I was treated fairly in the process. I think and felt that other forces were going on. In the long run, I am thankful for the new vehicle. For being done with it. And for my son's joy. I wish I had fought a little better for my money. And maybe walked out a few times.  But it is done.

I remember in the last moments before buying it, thinking, "I am eternal". That meant, "I am bigger than tis whole situation." And the pendulum taught me, yes, it was, indeed okay to purchase it.

What I see today, is that I was the only Light to be in that dark hole at the dealership for a very long time. And that God can take a nudge and get the lions exposed to lambs. And in their being with the deal, really opening their hearts to the light.

So when the "holiday blues" and bustle get in your way, remember you are offered a path of Open Healing. God may find a way in YOU to reach Others through the common everyday business transactions on the Earth. And that by being positive and going to your Center, you can check in with it every day for a much-needed extra serving of Truth.

People are really crazy out there right now. Over the dollar. When it will fail is very likely. And hopefully THEN everyone will wake up from their trance. And seek dollars that are used in Heaven--spiritual energy of unlimited abundance and prosperity and peace. There is no need to trick somebody when they are 'on to you' psychically to begin with.


Reiki Doc