Friday, December 2, 2011

Angels Unawares

In the course of my work, I deal with many people. From all walks of life. Today I am going to write about one, which I will refer to as 'The Entity' due to privacy of patients in their medical care.

It was winter, and I was calling my patient pre-op the night before surgery. This helps to make them less anxious. Sometimes this makes you open to a lot of questions, and you have to cut it off politely if it goes on for more than twenty minutes. On the day of surgery, there is not a lot of time to go over the medical record, so I tend to ask for that information too:  the medical history.

I called the Entity like always. I was struck by the last name. It seemed fake, like a stage name. I asked to be certain that that really was the last name. Sometimes people who are famous take on a fake name to protect themselves, and in anesthesia when people are waking up, they don't respond to the fake name as much as their real one. So I checked. It was real. 

Something prompted me to ask, 'what do you do?'. 

'I am a writer.' Funny, I had never heard of the name. I guessed the Entity wrote crap romance novels, which to me are female soft porn sold on the supermarket shelf. I gave my advice in preparing for surgery, and said goodbye.

The next day, at the surgicenter for the all day surgery, the Entity changed into a gown and said goodbye to 'The Significant Other'. I picked up anger, frustration, hostility and protectiveness in this person. Theirs was a close bond. But I didn't care. It was time for surgery, and these emotions should have been worked out between them before this last-minute stuff. They said their goodbyes to one another, and we entered the operating room.

This place is small, relaxed, and one of my favorite places to work because the surgeon and team is terrific, the music is excellent, I get to eat when I am hungry, and the patient gets to stay overnight with a nurse which is safer in this situation than outpatient care. So I hooked up the Entity to the monitors, started an i.v., preoxygenated, and rendered unconscious for general anesthesia. Everything was normal, routine in every way. We had a fun day, and I remember everything lasting until dark, like usual, for the surgeon although excellent was very slow.

I had selected all of the medication prior to surgery, had administered it to help make the process as smooth as possible, and woken the Entity up without pain. I helped transfer the patient to a wheelchair, over to the next room, and attached monitors in the bed. I gave report to the overnight nurse, including particulars about the surgery and the anesthesthetic with an idea for what to expect in recovery and overnight.

It wasn't until I started going into Psychic Development that I realized who the Entity was. I may have even given anesthesia at the same place to the sponsor of the Entity, for geographically they are close to me and would have referred one another to this hidden jewel of boutique surgical specialty care.

With my little antennae up, the Entity flew under my radar. Either way, they would have been given the same care I give my patients, whether able to pay for it or not. Trauma patients and high-end specialty patients all get the same treatment, with my vigilance over their blood pressure and heart rates, ventilation and oxygenation, urine output, fluid balance, and anticipated post-op pain and nausea risks. I have always listened to my guides in following this care plan. And now I add Reiki to the mix.

Next time you are at work, you may be surprised at who walks in through that door and comes to you. I was! After the fact. Be on your toes! Keep smiling! Angels are watching you!!! Both day and night. : )


Reiki Doc