Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Vacation I Don't Get to Take

I don't get vacation for the holidays. I work. Only the highest people in the group get to take it.

School is out. My son did not want to go to vacation daycare. "It's for babies." So, I had set up plans for everyone to watch him for the two weeks between now and New Year.

Much of that group involves family. Mom has booked a Time Share for everyone. I can't go.

I get to drive there, hang out, drop off my son, and head back home, not to see him for for days.

Am I concerned?

I would have been. Even a year ago, I would have been hung up on it. The control. The lack of fairness.

What makes it different now?

I accept What IS.

And I am thankful for him to be happy.

From that place, one begins to see small blessings.

Let us count:
1) I am WAY behind on Christmas. Now I can wrap and hide the gifts BEFORE the Christmas Eve deadline, and Hopefully not have to Stay UP ALL NIGHT.

2) I get a breather from packing lunches and dropping him off at school.

3) I get another breather from worrying about who is going to pick him up after work before the school closes.

4) I know in my heart of hearts, I need downtime very much. And in my mind, I picture myself on vacation, knowing Spirit, in the right time and right place, shall help Make It So.

5) I am open to Growth of Spirit in my Heart during this 'challenge' to my 'status quo'. I LIKE Status Quo. It makes me comfortable. But maybe it is time to 'mix things up' a bit for me, Spiritually. For although I am Reiki Doc, I concentrate on my growth every day. I do.

6) I am looking forward to half a day on vacation. It is better than none. And new sights.

7) Instead of pushing and stressing like I always do before 'getting out of the house', I am taking my time, enjoying the moment. It is one of those few weekend mornings I do not have to get up and go to work.


Reiki Doc

Addendum: 23:10 p.m.

Today was a blast!
Although it started out slowly, the gentle advice I got while dressing myself and what to wear paid off.
My shoes and sweater and jacket were perfect for a total fun day.
I am not going to go into the details, because what is more important than where or how is what I got to do:

go someplace I have never been
play in the snow and go sledding
hear live Christmas Carolers
make snow angels
eat fresh falling snow
see a snow flurry
have a gourmet dinner at a table very much like in Victoria
Laugh and relax and enjoy beauty and have fun

I also had a Reiki session for and with a neighbor who is in poor health.

And best of all, I see why it is good not to be on vacation with the rest of my family. 
They would have made me have more stress, instead of less.
Let my boy enjoy his cousins. When I left they were playing a board game. But when they all jump on the bed I want to climb the wall! LOL LOL LOL

Early to work tomorrow.


Reiki Doc