Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reiki and the Christmas Tree

There is a Christmas Tree in the room. Not that far from me.
I like it.

There are only three decorations on it yet. A candy cane from Mrs. Claus when my son went to sit on Santa's Lap.

There is a commemorative ornament from the city for the Santa event that is still in the box. It is sitting on a branch.

And there is another box, holding a red ornament with an initial on it. My son bought it from the fundraiser at school. The is so proud of it. He had to look in a whole bin to find the letter for our family name.

There is no star on top. No lights. We have been busy.

Instead of decorating we set up a train that goes in a circle around the bottom. It is a Lionel Train with the numbers 1225 on it that makes whistles, chugs, and plays Christmas Carols when it drives.

Where is the Reiki in all this?

I feel it.

I feel the tree. From Nature. As an entity in my home. I send love to it, silently. Love and gratitude for being in our home. I know that fate got this marvelous healthy evergreen from where it grew, to here.

It is right.

I also feel the love and joy in the decorations.

It is not like I see it and know.

It short-circuits that pathway through my heart to 'I just know'.

'I don't know how to explain it but I just know' is the phrase I used when trying to communicate this phenomena with others. 'I am intuitive' or 'sensitive'. I don't say I am a psychic and healer. It just works.

There was a lady on YouTube  I was watching. Christina something, from Britain, and MD and homeopath that left medicine to give talks and soul readings around the world. She sees soul assignments in people. What she said hit me like a ton of bricks:

If you grew up in a chaotic, dysfunctional home, you get the habit of 'feeling' every situation to know 'how to present yourself in that situation for survival'. She said it has to do with the yellow chakra.

When it is developed, you know yourself, you trust yourself, and you don't have to be in that mode any more.  But when you are like me, it is like there is a great big crack in your glasses. You see everything and everyone in life through that crack.

She hit the nail on the head. And when you are defensive, energetically, the heart chakra can't build.

That is what happened to me.

Over twenty years later, with lots of support, and the blessing of a child, my heart chakra, the green one is wide open.

I still pop into 'defensive mode' a lot at work. I can match almost any vibration in a patient in order to connect with them, energetically, and to establish rapport in the pre-op holding area. I am like a radio dial!

But here, safe in my home, right by the tree, the 'glasses' are off. And the feeling and the view is WONDERFUL.


Reiki Doc