Thursday, December 22, 2011

All is Well

I tell myself that. Again and again and again.

The chaos continues. At my work.

A general surgeon who is an insomniac booked a case for seven p.m. The case got delayed by me, to verify potassium levels. I was there in that room with a bowel case from hell until quarter past midnight.

I could not go home. I could not drive. So I slept on a gurney in the isolation room in the recovery room.

It was miserable. But I had to work today. Thankfully, my mom stayed with my son at my house without a car, which is torture for her. The family dropped them off at my house after vacation.

Today, right before my day started, the one that hired me was fired.

We are three people short. Staffing is miserable. And I am to work harder?

I am a slave to my work.

But also, I sense that Spirit is sending me those that need it most.

I BLASTED the bowel patient. The problem is recurrent (small bowel obstructions and adhesions) because of the negative entities. His orange chakra was so out of whack is spun BACKWARD.

I balanced all the chakras, cleaned out the negative and dark entities (there was a minor and a major), did Reiki and gave Diksha.

At one point I was so sick of the surgery, the surgeon, and the patient keeping me from my home I toned. Right in the OR. The note, but not the word, Om.......Om......Om.....

I am fighting back on this chaos with everything I have got.

The manager at our local taco shop confessed she works six to seven days a week. Like me. Fourteen to sixteen hour days. Sales are slow, and she is salary. So she has to let others go home early and take up the work.

We are slaves, all of us, to the industrial complex.

But not for long! I see and I know things you don't.

One step at a time. Slowly. Everything will be clearer through the coming year 2012.


Have peace,

Reiki Doc