Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lie and also the Truth

I saw the movie City Slickers last night with my son. We were eating pizza, drinking root beer, and watching a DVD. In the film, Curly, who is played by Jack Palance, asks Marty (Billy Crystal), 'Do you know what the secret to life is?' Marty didn't know. Curly told him, holding up a finger, 'One. You figure out the one thing that is most important to you. And nothing else matters.'

I am learning that today.

I am also learning that who you are, as a person, is demonstrated just as much by what you don't like, as what you do.

Tonight I went out with friends. We had dinner at a fancy steakhouse. I did not want to go.

I got off from work early and changed my clothes. But before I got to the restaurant, I made a stop at a metaphysical bookstore nearby. I felt connected to Spirit. I found an Environmental Art 2012 Calendar, a daily journal for 2012 which is great because I want to record it, it's supposed to be really great. I also found a small yellow Success candle, to help me in my Reiki career. I got a small om sticker to put inside my locker at work. There were simple heart necklaces on string made by children in Columbia out of coal, so they would not have to work in the coal mines. I bought two as gifts. And, I bought a magnificent piece of black-blue tourmaline that weighs about a pound.

I told the lady at the register I did not want to go to Mastro's. She laughed, she said she has been vegetarian forever and she completely understands.

So I went.

The dark bothers me. I went up to the restroom to touch up my makeup. I came downstairs and went to the bar to meet my friends. My skin crawled. I had nothing to do with those people in the bar, and I did not care to even talk with them. I had to bump through them to find my friends, who were seated at the bar. Not once or twice, but three times, a bartender asked me if I wanted a drink. I said no thank you.
Once the rest of our friends arrived, we sat in the corner at our reserved table.

It was tough. The couple who made the reservations loved this place. I hated it.

The server did everything possible to upsell us. First of all, there were no dollar signs on the menu. Just numbers. The cheapest thing was a salad--that was ten bucks. An eight ounce filet was forty.
I tried to find something on the menu that was not cruelty. When the server spoke about the beef being liquid aged, and seared in a fifteen hundred degree oven, I felt repulsed. I blurted out, 'You could cremate somebody in an oven like that!'. I cook. I know pizza ovens are like, five hundred degrees. And at the medical school laboratories, in the back was a crematorium for the used body parts after gross anatomy.

Then she spoke about wagu beef, that is massaged and fed beer so it is more tender like Kobe beef.
I was horrified.

I kept asking Spirit for guidance--what to do, what to order, how to fit in?

The answer--cosmopolitan, just like two other women in the group. Fish would be terrible, don't call attention to self. Order the smallest steak. Then, to my left, one spoke up. No meat. No fish. No seafood. Don't like it. Only had a half salad and a potato. I got a baked potato too. The bread was good, we could have been happy with that.

The meat came. It was overcooked. I sent it back. I was going to eat it so it wouldn't go to waste, but my friends and the server said, 'be happy'. It came back and I still didn't like it. The interaction with the servers was just not right. The catering, to us, the trying to ply us with alcohol, the trying to talk about specials. There was the wild northwest salmon for sixty three dollars. And the live lobster, three pounds each, at thirty three dollars a pound. Yes, that is one hundred dollars for a lobster boiled alive.

How sad. People are without work. People are cold, homeless, and hungry. And we murder animals and make it an art, or a business, to impress each other. How did it get to be like this? I saw a fifteen HUNDRED dollar glass of liquor. For three hundred seventy five milliliters. Not even a liter.

In the bathroom there was that lady. The one that hands you the towel. I don't want anybody to hand me a towel. I always tip. They look like, poor. Well guess what? Since I got the meat for free, I gave her a ten dollar tip. But I had a twenty. There were only seven wadded up bills in her bowl. Guess what? She whipped out a big wad of cash in her pocket and made change! The illusion. The lie. I have no skills so I hang out in the restroom at fancy places to give you anything you need please give me money.  And the beggar is RICH! And the beggar is rich...

I want to stay home with my son and watch movies. I know I need friends, but I do not enjoy nights like this. My son is more than happy to go to functions at night with his classmates. But for whatever reason, fun like that does not make sense for me. Gambling is boring. Vegas is icky. Steakhouses are nasty. Bars make me want to run.

This is what happens when you develop a high vibration. Denser energy makes you uncomfortable. Like seeks like.

By the way, the woman on my right ordered salmon. They overcooked it something horrible. I was right! Never order the fish at a steakhouse restaurant! LOL

All is growing. If it wasn't for experiences like tonight, I would not have noticed how far I have walked on this trail. Ever ascending! Onward!


Reiki Doc