Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reiki and Extraterrestrials



Are you joking?

No, I am dead serious. We are in the middle of flux. Yes. Everything around us is changing for the better. But it is not happening in our visible light frequencies. Or even in our radio frequencies. But light ultraviolet light, or infrared, something is happening outside of our ability to detect with instruments what is going on.

I follow a blog every day. It is reputable, and it resonates with me. The author of the blog channels the messages, and has them read with a voice synthesizer. They are inspirational to me.

The messages are from the Sirians, the Pleadians, the High Council of Orion, and also the ascended Masters and Archangels. They are messages of hope.

Why is it that all this is going on without our knowing it? Because there are a lot of people to benefit from that which we do not know. It is happening, that we are waking up to the truth. 2012 is all about this.

I admit, I had been hoping for a wonderful miracle, 'instant ascension' on November 11.  Or at least 'first contact'. That is when the extraterrestrials say 'galactic greetings to our space brothers and sisters on Earth'.

But nothing did. Why? I felt the build up of energy. I felt the excitement! I hoped for something dazzling! But it was just another day.

The outside forces are not going to do the work for us. We have to do it ourselves. We have to raise our vibration, eating healthily and thinking good thoughts. By feeding this into the collective consciousness, more will be able to ascend or 'move up the spiritual ladder'. The way it is, most people are not compatible with the higher frequencies (note: see Karuna Reiki TM blogs). And in fact, some prefer to lie, cheat, and steal. And all the other vices. Those will be given their choice, and allowed to remain in their 3-D environment.

"But how do you know, Reiki Doc? How do you know for sure what is up?"

Well, people are nicer. Everywhere. So much so that a friend of mine said, 'What is it? Am I going to die?"

There are weird things printed in the newspaper that match the guidance from the outside sources:

--more than one european country will fall (economic collapse)
--first contact is under way ('Planet confirmed in Habitable Zone' Keppler 22-b)
--natural disasters and shifts in perception to accommodate the new way of thought (Egypt, etc.)
--I function on less sleep (busy overnight call, no sleep, and still not tired. A higher dimension phenom)
--I really don't want to eat meat or drink alcohol or hang out in clubs. I seek nature, and higher vibration.

The most important thing in this battle between dark energy and light, is to starve the dark energy. To cut it off at the pass, nip those angry and fearful thoughts in the bud, and believe the best is yet to pass.

And hang on to the handle for this roller coaster ride! Be sure to fasten your seat belts. It is going to be FUN!


Reiki Doc