Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Namaste: The Gate to Compassion in OR 8

This post  is  dedicated to my patients.

This is what I experienced while I was working with you today.

These are the things I cannot say to anybody, for I am intuitive. But I know.

1)  Dear Mr. Back Pain Pump:

The "only thing bothering you is pain"? That is what you told me. You wanted it to go away. But when I joked with you and the significant other about your judgement being altered after surgery, to be careful, and 'not to buy anything expensive', the next words flew out of my mouth without my effort, 'unless it is something expensive for you.' as I turned an looked at the loved one in the chair. 

The partner didn't laugh. He looked uncomfortable.

Through Reiki in the OR, I found out that I had hit the nail on the head. Through his pattern of chakra imbalances, I picked up that 'he could not afford love (his partner)'. This self-perpetuating mindset had led to chronic back disease with numbness of the legs and chronic pain. His red chakra was out, and the others were 'backed up' on top of it.  I helped it flow. My patient woke up fine, an hardly needed any pain medicine in recovery room. This is odd. A chronic pain patient getting a special electronic device implanted in the spine to block out pain, who is usually on lots of pain meds. Either the device worked, or the Reiki. I like to think it was a little of both.

2) Dear Mrs. Delerium Tremens:

Your energetic pattern was like a textbook to me, one I loved learning about! Who cares if your laparoscopic whatever went off uneventfully? Your energy was watery, and your red chakra was messed up too. But the orange one was not backed up. It was weak. I picked up that all the chemicals in your system put you in an energetic downward spiral. I felt the energy of addiction like an equation back in the days when I was a Chemical Engineering Student. It goes like this, in steps, but it dawned on me all at once:

Patient is sensitive emotionally.
Patient is hurt.
Patient drinks to comfort self.

Alcohol lowers the vibration.
Negative entities and Dark Entities sneak in to aura, sucking life off patient.

Patient feels 'something is wrong', perhaps, or just wants to 'comfort self' and drink more.

And so the life force ebbs. Multiple diseases follow. Until the balance of the life force is negative, and patient dies (NOT in the OR! Over years of abuse!).

Your words did not ring true in pre-op, either. You knew things, about your work, but your heart was disconnected. You were walking around with a dead heart, without joy and beauty. It that life?

I blasted you good with lots of Reiki. I also cleaned those spirits out. My angels helped protect you. Namaste.

3) Mrs. Total Knee:

DJD is degenerative joint disease. Boy did you have it! I am glad you did not want a spinal. I doubt I could have found my way into your subarachnoid space with a big spinal needle.

You were controlling. And also claustrophobic. I spent some time taking care of you in pre-op, figuring out you and letting you get a good idea about me. I knew your anesthetic course would  be smoother if I 'let you check me out' both intellectually and emotionally.  

Your case surprised me. For someone over seventy, with arthritis so bad you needed a replacement, you sure had limber hips. There is only one way to keep those hips from getting stiff as a senior. I know what you and your boyfriend do. You wanted a new joint so you could have not painful sex! LOL--how human!  Walking without pain was further down the list...

But your metabolizing pain medicines through me for a loop. For a little one on what you said you were taking medication-wise, it did not make much sense. I have never mixed fentanyl, dilaudid AND morphine in a case. But I did for you.

Curious, I read your energy and gave you Reiki. Your surgeon was fast. I don't remember much of what I saw on you, energetically. In my mind you were one great big 'disconnect', and I asked my angels to take care of you more as I truly did not understand what needed to be fixed. It was a pattern that eluded me. I like that. Driving me to learn more.

I ran into your man and your niece in the cafeteria after. I asked about your pain meds. I got different answers, and basically you had weaned off before surgery. And that you were 'a fighter'. Okay. Energetically, I got the same read, like  code or mystery from both of them. Something was going on. One day I will know more about it.

4) Mrs. Failed Back:

We fixed your knee. Your back and retina were severely affected, though, years earlier with lots of surgery for both. I wondered what it was driving you, what led to one thing after another going wrong. You were two years younger than I am.
What was up?

I felt you. Not only did you say, 'Thank you' at induction of anesthesia--a first--your spirit thanked me while I healed. It also said, 'you are going to have a good life.'

I gave Diksha first. For a whole minute, which is a lot of karmic-seed busting healing! Then as I suspected red was out of whack. The others, the yellow, was ochre color, and floppy. I have never seen a floppy chakra before, but in my mind I struck the center, hard, and an eggshell of film cracked, and a beam of pure yellow light lasered out from the center. 

The pattern I picked up was one of total abuse and confusion as a child, and no knowing of how to break the psychic pattern. The heart chakra was intact enough to love a grandchild. But everything else was off. I balanced, cleansed out NE's and DE's, protected and healed the aura. I gave Reiki and Karuna Reiki, and also tapped your third eye. It should be waking up after surgery. 

Once cleared, everything flowed. Slowly, but in the right direction. I broke your tailspin. And I hope your angels and guides will help you find the way back on course.

The day flew by. And what flabbergasted me, was that in all four of my patients, the white Crown chakra was functioning, intact! Blasting full of Source. But the mind would not let them tap into it.

For diabetics, in medical training we learn that they are 'starving in a sea of sugar'. It's true. They run on fatty acids and ketones because the sugar pathway is all awry from lack of insulin.

My patients were 'starving in a sea of Light'. Are you?

Mindfulness is helpful in breaking patterns that are long entrenched. Keeping one's mind on Here and Now stops the 'old records' playing in the mind. The mind creates from what thoughts are going on in it.

For example, I manifested an old traveling nurse coworker who before she left our hospital had given me a beautiful hat about Faith to wear in the OR, the same as hers. She had been gone for three months, and Friday I had wondered about her. I had lost her email in a phone upgrade snafu. Today, there she was, in OR 8 with me. Just for this week! I was delighted to see her again, and also able to comfort her in learning her grandfather she cared for had passed away.

Thoughts are things.

That being said, live in Here and Now. Drop all EXPECTATIONS. There is a difference between and expectation and one in all caps. You know what I mean. Let Life come to you. Learn your Light. And Live it.


Reiki Doc