Friday, December 30, 2011

RIP Ben Breedlove

In answer to your question, dear Ben, Yes.

I have seen angels, talked with them, and had them save my life.

I know the little white room. I know of other places too. I go there when I am conscious. : )

I have seen the bright white light when my father passed. I was so moved by itI wrote. An entire blog post about it.

And the peace! I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel it whenever I do Divine Peace Healing, which is twice a day. It's warmth wells up in your heart, and overflows!

Unlike you, I am okay coming back because I know I can go visit the peace whenever I want it. And yes, it does make me smile. Just like you.

Ben? Do you know how many people you have helped because of your message on YouTube? Do you know what an ordinary guy's testimony is worth? And that by seeing your favorite rapper, everybody knows they are welcome.

Your heart disease was end stage. The defibrillator/pacemaker was to reorganize your heart muscles to reverse the damage. Your age was about right. Why you were not considered for a transplant I question? But know there were times when I was a volunteer way back before med school, where I would go to comfort the babies with big scars on their chests and lots of tubes that could not sleep. They were angels, all of them, just like you.

"I just wanted to be like everybody else, and I had to learn to accept it that I was not." you wrote. Isn't that what unites us on Earth? Having to do just that.

And the truth of your story is in your smile.

Friends, listen to Ben. It is true. And know if you are interested in feeling that every day, take a Divine Peace Healing class from Margaret Mc Cormick. She has a website, too,

Namaste and thank you Ben for your honesty and courage and strength,

Reiki Doc