Friday, December 23, 2011

Code Blue to the E R

"code blue to the ER! code blue to the ER!" the page rang on the overhead system as I was in the cafeteria.

"ER will get it (the airway)" I thought to myself and came back to the call room.

" Any available cardiologist to the ER! Any available cardiologist to the ER!"

"Hmmmm" ,I thought to myself, starting to feel the guilt. When I heard the first page, Spirit nudged me to go, and I didn't.

"Any available anesthesiologist to the ER! Any available anesthesiologist to the ER!" Aha! I was right. I took my time, hoping the OR guys could take care of it. Technically, the labor deck was empty, so I could help out. As I walked in, I noticed two things. First, the room was the one I was in when I went to the ER about a month ago, with the same ER doc and ER RN That treated me. Second, two anesthesia guys walking back to go to the OR. They needed Propofol, but had other cases. Could I do the case in the ER? Yes.

I got Propofol, ephedrine, phenylephrine, and syringes. I came in, got an assessment from the cardiologist, introduced myself to the patient, did a quick history and physical, saw the vitals were awful, saw the EKG tracing which was worse, shook hands with the daughter that wanted to watch, pre oxygenated, and gently induced.

Forward cardiac output was slow. It took 120mg, and I had expected 40mg to work. Patient lost consciousness. I disconnected oxygen. "all clear? Everybody clear?"

ZAP! The patient jumped on the gurney from the jolt.

He was not breathing well, but the electricity corrected the rhythm. As I supported the airway, I felt a tremendous sense of trust in Spirit and the Angels and Guides that All is Well. I gave Reiki, cleared out negative entities, brought in Light, balanced chakras, and gave Karuna Reiki tm while nobody had a clue I was doing it. I was smiling away. I gave the transition symbol and his blood pressure improved slightly.

The patient awoke, said they were okay, and I left.

The daughter said, "thank you" to me as I left the room. And RT asked to be excused to go.

Being a continuous source of Reiki helps bring peace to an otherwise chaotic situation. The peace I experience is a trust that everything is happening in the Divine Plan at the right time in the right way. The peace, however, is contagious. Through our collective consciousness, we all in that room were energetically connected. I raised the collective energy for the benefit of the patient, ultimately, by affecting everyone involved in the care.

I wonder, who would NOT want to have this capacity on the Health Care Team? Seriously? Who wouldn't?

It just makes sense.

Merry Christmas!


Reiki doc