Monday, December 12, 2011

On Christmas Trees

Yesterday we bought our tree. It was different.

There was NO STRESS in anybody there!

We always go to Home Depot. Service was prompt. Not one but three people helped us pick out our tree. Everyone shopping was kind and calm. There was no competition whatsoever.

The prices were lower, by a bit.

And there were elements of a Christmas Tree Patch there--three blow up decorations that were huge, a little thing you could put your face in a hole to make the family look like snowmen for a picture.

The only thing missing was free apple cider.

And free hot chocolate? That was later in the Santa activity presented by the city. Everyone was so kind and patient to stand in line for a turn to sit on Santa's lap. The woman behind me worked at an outreach for the poor, and also worked at the library. It was not the usual 'hustle ad bustle' baloney. 

It was real. They let us decorate our own free cookies, too.

People are changing. They have more heart. Both with businesses and with shoppers. 

Things are way more different than last year. I like it very much!

Happy Holidays and Namaste,

Reiki Doc