Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Dance Of Creation

Today's blog is going to use less words, and more photos.


I am trying to describe something of the higher realms. Words don't fit. It's a knowing deep in your heart that no matter what the GMO, the lies, and the deception--God is gonna win.

It can't even compare.

Look at these two pictures carefully:

Think about it.  One would fall out of the sky if it wasn't for a whole distribution system to fuel it and make it and repair it.

The other would just stretch its wings.

One is made to fly. And in a way, although it is flying, the other isn't.

Creator and Gaia together allow for both forms of flight to exist. Both are beautiful.

Only one is free from the culture of death which surrounds us.

I have been around a long time.  And I have learned one thing:  darkness and evil always trip themselves up--you don't have to fight it--you just watch and wait and they are going to fall on their face in your lifetime.

Evil does not have the power to sustain itself like Nature does.

And try as they might to destroy Nature, they can't.  There is always the dandelion weed growing through the cracks of the sidewalk. There are wild animals living just fine, although they might annoy us in the city, we have birds and squirrels and raccoons and more...

There is a part of the awakening process that is filled with the horrible realization that we have been tricked!

It makes you want to fight the world. And yet, when you look at the angels and guides, it doesn't appear like anything is happening to correct the situation! It's frustrating. You want it gone and you want it gone NOW!

I've spent years like this.

Joy knows no limits. It is part of us. And many are awakening to this fact.

Life is a precious gift. Even if it's here where Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have downtrodden us for generations and told us lies on top of damned lies and held us prisoner by statistics.

We have the energy from Source, from Creator, and are in alignment with it.

The Dark Ones have this same energy too, and are not in alignment with it.

Look at the two photos of beings in flight above, one more time again.

Really let it sink in.

When you are aligned with Gaia and Creator, and working with everything God has given you--your intuition, your heart, your caring, your intelligence, your comfort in working with energies your can't see but can 'sense' are unstoppable.

Only it's in God's time, not yours.

Just take a big breath from time to time, and BE who you are, the person who has the precious gift of life incarnate at the moment...the person who has strong connections to both the earth and sky...and LOVE everything and everybody, beginning with yourself.

Your spirit is a survivor of many experiences, some of them pleasant, most of them perhaps, not quite as pleasant...<3

It's time to celebrate it.

And in my heart, I think, to our parents Creator Divine Father and Creator Divine Mother, we are all just here for one giant pillow fight. Now is the time they are telling us to stop and clean up our mess. Together we and our brothers and sisters, all of them, are loved beyond measure.  Even the ones who do not understand, and make it a point to pick on their own brothers and sisters in the cruelest of ways.

This type of behavior is not in alignment with the energies of Gaia.

This cruel game will stop.

I see signs of Divine Intervention right and left.

It's time for us to trust in the plan, and also, in Ross and his teams.


This is you--adorable family on the ground in disguise as 'ordinary humans'.

This is where I am, I with all of my friends and associates.

Together we are going to take it back, shake things up, and make Schwartzneggar seem like a sissy (Carla wouldn't let me say the word I wanted to say--it starts with a 'p')...

Clap! Clap!

P.S. That is for you Aaron. I want you to use it. Note the golden spiral in the middle. That is the energy of Carla and my souls.  (he clears his throat--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple